Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 7 September 2021 written update – Sanjana is in love with Dev.

At the beginning of the episode, Ayush cooks pancakes for Soha and Shubh. Ishwari praises Ayush for being so talented. Soha feels a little jealous. Sourabh tells Bijoy to not eat ice cream as he feels cold. Dev brings him a shawl, Bijoy tells him that he gets that he is trying to prove him old.

Sanjana in Dev’s office roams around and sprays his perfume on her wrist. She says to herself that she loves his smell. When she hears somebody coming she drops everything down around the table. Dev’s secretary asks her if Dev has left. She tells her yes and explains that she came to keep a file and dropped the things. Dev’s secretary tells her to leave as she will arrange.

Bijoy in his house is interrogating the new tenant. Sorabh tells him to stop it as he has checked all of the names the tenant has given and everyone has praised him. Bijoy says that he knows that nobody can be so simple and nice, he swears to find the truth.

Sonakshi sees the gift given by Sanjana and says it’s very thoughtful. She offers Dev to give him a head massage. Dev is about to kiss Sonakshi when Ishwari enters and brings Dev milk. She says to Sonakshi that she is a really brilliant wife and takes good care of Dev. She jokes with Dev that if Sonakshi massages oil in his hair he’ll lose his hair. Dev gets worried and thinks Ishwari is serious.

Ayush helps Soha to cook something for Ishwari to impress her. Ishwari drinks the chocolate milk made by Soha and says she is very thankful that she was blessed by such good grandkids. Soha thanks Ayush for the help. Ayush tells her she is his sister and he will always be by her side.

Sonakshi tells Dev that she has got a text from the therapist’s office for an appointment. She then asks him to sit as she will apply oil on his head. Dev refuses, she says to Dev that Ishwari was joking. They get into a pillow fight, the kids join them as well. Dev gets a call from Sanjana, requesting him to see the presentation made by her. Dev tells Sonakshi that today kids will sleep with them and he will finish his work soon.

Sanjana’s friend asks her why she is not yet asleep. Sanjana tells her that she is waiting for Dev’s message as she has lied to him about the urgency of her presentation. She tells her that she wants to be on Dev’s mind like he is on her’s. She says she wants to be in love with Dev.

Upcoming- In Dev’s office, he is choosing jewelry with Sanjana’s help. She thinks it is for her, Dev says how will it look on his wife? Sanjana remains shocked hearing this.