Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 written update 5 September 2021 weekly

A audience favourite Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi has returned with a third season. With new twist and griping love story of Sonakshi and Dev.

In last week’s episode we saw, Sonakshi says they are getting late they need to go to meet the therapist as they can’t miss therapy and one session wouldn’t just help them. Ishwari comes there and Dev and Sonakshi pretend to discuss something else and make excuses and leave the house. At therapy the doctor gives them certain tasks While Sonakshi and Dev carry on the task the therapist tells them that they need to work on communicating with each other and surprising each other. Dev attends the meeting at a cafe. He meets Sanjana there who then returns Dev’s letter to him and asks him if she could charge her phone as she want to see the match. Dev tells her that he also is watching the match and then offers her to watch it together. Elena is leaving the same cafe and notices Dev with Sanjana and thinks that something is wrong.

Sonakshi looks at the tarot card and remembers what Elina told her about Dev in the cafe meeting a girl. She gets worried. Dev comes and asks her why she is tensed. She says nothing and then asks him how was his meeting. Dev tells her it went well. Dev then hugs her. She says sometimes he is unpredictable. Sanjana at her friend’s house tells her that she meet Dev twice this week. Dev tells Sonakshi that he knows she would have been hungry and he made parathas for her himself. Sonakshi tastes them, it is little burnt but she eats them anyway and praises Dev. Dev and Sonakshi spend time with each other and dance.
Ishwari sees a text from the therapist’s office on Sonakshi’s phone and tells Mamiji that she thinks that Dev and Sonakshi are hiding something from them.

Dev offers Sanjana the job. When Dev goes to drop Sanjana. Sonakshi sees them together from her car and is worried. Sonakshi wonders who the girl is as Dev doesn’t easily get comfortable with people. Dev and Sanjana high-five each other on the winning shot of the match. He tells Sonakshi that she looks cute when she is jealous. Sonakshi tells him that she is not jealous. He says that it is nice to see that Sonakshi still gets jealous when Dev speaks to someone else. Dev hugs Sonakshi. Dev recites a poem for her and asks her how was the poem Sonakshi tells him that they have the therapist appointment today and she would tell him there how she likes the poem.

Sanjana debriefs Dev about her ideas. Dev stops her midway. Dev tells her he had more important place to be at. Dev tells her that he’ll look into the plan later and appreciates her for being attentive and accepting to work in his office. Ishwari tells Mamaji that Sonakshi is taking Dev to a mental therapist. Mamaji tells Ishwari that she should not interfere between Dev and Sonakshi as they are clever enough to handle their situation. Mamaji says that nowadays couples go to marriage counseling as it’s easy for them to speak Infront of a stranger and resolve their issues. Sonakshi at therapist office tells Dev that she is very upset with him because he was not present when Asha died. Sonakshi tells him that she needed him when she stood there outside the hospital. Sonakshi feels guilty, therapist’s tells her it’s better that she is pouring her feelings. Dev tells Sonakshi to meet him in the cafe.

Dev tries to call Sonakshi but she doesn’t see the call as the waiter takes away her phone. Dev goes to the police station to get Sanjana out. Sanjana gets impressed by him. Dev arrives at the café but Sonakshi has already left. Sonakshi sits on the sofa worried. Dev comes into the room and apologises to her for not reaching the cafe on time. Sonakshi tells him he doesn’t need to give him excuses as she is aware what he would say, that he got busy with work. Sanjana friend asks Sanjana to stop crushing on him as he is trying to resolve his problems in his relationship and during this time a third person shouldn’t eye at him. Sanjana says she won’t try on Dev. Dev goes to the therapist and asks her to help him to mend things with Sonakshi. The therapist tells Dev that he knows Sonakshi better than anyone and he needs to find a way himself to convince Sonakshi that he is there for her.

Will Dev gain back Sonakshi’s trust?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Kuch raang pyar ke aise bhi”.

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