Kumkum Bhagaya 20 September 2021 written update – Rhea makes Siddharth feels guilty

At the beginning of the episode, Tanu tells everyone that she is having good news for all. She tells them that now they will live with Abhi at Pragya’s house. Alia says that Tanu is telling the truth. Everyone gets happy over this news. On the other hand, Sushma is not happy with this decision of Pragya. Pragya goes to her room. She ask her if she was upset with her because she didn’t say anything to her. Sushma says that she has taken a very important decision on her own without even asking her. Pragya says sorry.

Sushma says that she knew very well that Alia and Tanu always try to ruin everything in her life, still, she agreed on their condition. Pragya says that now she doesn’t want to stay away from Abhi. Sushma tells her that Abhi tried to kill her, why she is forgetting all this? Pragya says that she remembers everything that Abhi did to her but her care for him stops her from letting him go. She says that she always wanted to take revenge on Alia and Tanu and now they will live in front of her eyes so it will be easy for her to take revenge from them.

When Siddharth comes, Rhea cries in front of him. She tells him that she is very upset with him for what he said to her. She tells him she is waiting for him and happy to see him but she hates him. She says that he gives her mental torture. Siddharth asks Rhea what is she saying? She says that she speaks in front of him but he talks to Ranbir about her and he is blaming her. She says that she listens to everything. Siddharth says that Ranbir is his brother and he is just casually talking to him.

Rhea asks him to give her some space and asks him to sleep outside. Later, Rhea gets to know that Prachi is sleeping in Dida’s room. She goes to Ranbir and asks him what is he doing? He says that he is trying to find the cockroach because of which Prachi left. She cries in front of him. Ranbir asks her what happened? She says that he loves Prachi so much, but what about her. She dreamt of getting married to him. She asks him to don’t get her wrong. Ranbir tells her that she needs to understand things.

Rhea says that she understands everything. She says that between her and Siddharth nothing is fine. They are normal in front of others. But when they are alone they don’t talk to each other. She tells her that they don’t understand each other. She tells him that today Siddharth is sleeping outside. Ranbir says that he will talk to him. Rhea asks him to swear on Prachi and asks him to don’t say anything to Siddharth. He says okay and asks her to don’t worry. Ranbir thinks that he needs to do something to get Rhea and Siddharth close to each other.

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