Kumkum Bhagaya 2 July 2021 Written Update -Abhi pleads To Sushma

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi again tries to talk to that police officer to set Tanu free from jail. He acts in front of him that his sister is so worried. He also says that his family has 4 ladies in house and Everyone is crying for Tanu. He says that is dadi is old aged and she don’t want to face humiliation at this age. But the police officer ask him to go otherwise he will also put him in jail. Then Abhi’s relative Amit ask him to go to the owner of the purse.

He says that if he cry in front of her and apologize to her, then she will take the fir back. He tells him In the past there was a case where a man had committed an accident in a state of intoxication. Then his wife came and cried in front of the owner Who filed the F.I.R. Then he took pity on her and withdrew the police complaint. So Abhi decided to go to Pragya’s house. On the other hand Pragya recalls what Tanu had done to her in the past. She feels good by getting Tanu arrested.

Then she thinks what would have happened because of which those people became so poor? Then she calls the police officer and ask him to give her the number of Alia. Then she calls Alia and says that she has destroyed the buisness of Abhi. She says that today they all are in this condition because they have cheated her. She tells her that soon she will find out the reason of how did they get so poor? She cuts the call by saying that now she don’t have time to waste by talking to her. Then Mitali ask Alia to talk to Pragya properly.

Abhi goes to Pragya’s house there he sees Sushma. He pleads her to ask her daughter to take the police complaint back. Sushma says that her daughter is so angry and she will not listen to anyone right now. He tried so much but Sushma ask him to leave. Meanwhile, Ranbir goes to home and Prachi is telling him that they should go to his house. Ranbir is tensed so he shouts at her. Sushma thinks that she should talk to Pragya. She tells her that the woman who stole her purse, her husband came to apologise to her. Pragya is shocked as she knew it was Abhi.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Pragya tells Sushma that man was Abhi and the woman she got arrested was his wife Tanu. She says to her that she came back to India to let him down and to show him that how successful she is and not to shed tears for him.

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