Kumkum bhagya 24 June 2021 Written Update -Abhi recalls his moments with Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, A glass has been broken by the Tanu. She says that now something wrong is going to happen with her. Alia says why she is getting so superstitious. Tanu says that someone will steal the most precious thing from her. Mitali says that now she has nothing and even her jewellery is also fake. Then she suddenly says that Abhi is wearing a silver ring and what if someone will steal that from his hand.

Alia tells Everyone that she is the same Tanu. She still cares about only money. Abhi and Sumit are repairing the car of Pragya. Pragya feels like Abhi is around him. Abhi is also feeling strange. But they don’t see each other. Pragya thinks that for her Abhi is her life. She thinks that she has made a mistake by believing him that he loves her. She says to herself that Abhi’s birthday is used to be the most special day for her.

On the other hand, Abhi is also thinking about Pragya. He thinks that Pragya always made his birthday special. He recalls his moments with Pragya and how she used to love him so much. Ranbir receives the call from the investor. He says that they liked his idea but they also need experience. He ask him if he is willing to sell his idea to them, to which Ranbir refuses.

He reaches home and tells Prachi that he was again rejected by the investors. Prachi tells him it’s okay and soon he will get the investors for his startup. Ranbir’s cousin is also there. Ranbir thanks him to appoint Prachi in their company. He says that Prachi is so talented and And if he didn’t have to keep her a secret from Vikram, she would have become the senior manager. Then Ranbir amd Prachi thinks of Abhi and Pragya and they both share the romantic moment.

Meanwhile, Pragya thinks that Abhi is celebrating his birthday with his new family and he must be happy with them. She thinks that he never loved her. Then thier car got repaired and she leaves from there. Tanu comes again to bring Abhi home but he refuses to go with her. Later, Abhi tells Sumit that the weather is so good today and he is also feeling nice. He passes by Pragya’s hotel in which she is staying and he whistles.

Upcoming  Story– Pragya finds that her earring is lost somewhere. She goes towards the window and listens the whistle of Abhi. She feels like that Abhi is around her.

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