Kumkum bhagya 25 June 2021 Written Update -Pragya still on the lookout for Abhi

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya realises that her one earring has lost somewhere. Her scarf flies off from the window, she goes behind it. There she hears the whistling sound and feels that Abhi is around her. Her scarf flies off to Abhi and he keeps it. Pragya says that she need to stop thinking about Abhi. She thinks that tomorrow she will find about him through the newspaper and her detective will also tell her about him tomorrow.

Baljit dadi is waiting for Abhi so that she can celebrate his birthday. She ask Tanu to stay calm with him and stop blaming him for everything. Alia also ask him to behave like a wife for once. Then Abhi comes home and dadi get the cake and ask him to cut it. Alia and Tanu ask dadi from where did she get the money to buy this cake. They started blaming her that she must have stolen the money.

Then it comes to know that dadi has skipped her medicines of one week to buy the cake for Abhi. Alia says this is good atleast now they come to know that her medicines are not so important. Alia says they will not buy her medicines for the next month. Abhi says that he will buy medicine for his dadi. Alia and Tanu say that he alway drink alcohol how could he do a job and get money to buy the medicines.

Everyone started fighting and again started blaming Abhi for everything. Abhi says that he come back to home only because of his dadi. He gets upset and leaves from there without even cutting the cake. Then he slept. Dadi thinks that happiness has not gone away from Abhi’s life, just Pragya has gone away from him. Next day, Prachi is going to office and she and Ranbir recalls how his family didn’t accept them and give his place to Siddarth (his cousin).

Alia wakes up Abhi, then dadi comes and ask him to eat cake. Pragya sees all the newspapers but she didn’t find anything about Abhi. Her detective also tells him that he is not able to find anything about him. Pragya says that now she will find herself about him that whether he is in India or he left India.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Pragya decided to buy the Mehra house. Sushma ask what does she has seen in that house. Then Pragya tells her that she was evicted from this house and now she have become so successful that she buy that house.

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