Kundali bhagya written update 29 July 2021 Luthra’s went to Lonavala

At the beginning of the episode, Shristi was searching for her charger in the room suddenly she saw a photo frame where she and Preeta both are  together. Shristi misses her and remembers her happy moments spent with Preeta in the same room. Shristi says to herself that it’s only her  whom she loves but now she is having her own family and one more member is about to come. Then she calls Sammer and tells him that she wants to talk with Preeta but he told her that she is in the bus and we are about to leave. Shristi told him to take care of Preeta and don’t let Sherlyn come close to her.

Before leaving for Lonavla, Dadi tells everyone that we will enjoy and no negativity will be around. She will take part in each ritual. Dadi tells Kritika no time pass, Karena no complaints, and Sherlyn no laziness. Dadi says that she wants everyone to be happy as Preeta has given us such good news. Sammer takes a group selfie and then they all settled in the bus.

Kareena says Girish called me to take care of Preeta. Mahesh says it’s fine he also care’s for her. Preeta thought this is the right time she should tell everyone. Preeta stood and stumbled everyone got scared as she was about to fall. Mahesh scolded Monty and told him to drive carefully. Preeta says it was my mistake .

Kareena tells Mahesh not to worry she is fine. Kareena tells Preeta to take care as Mahesh just came out of depression so he is too sensitive now. Mahesh tells sorry to Monty for shouting. Mahesh asks what happened and why you stood up? Preeta thought she will tell them later when Mahesh will be normal. Preeta says she wanted water. Sherlyn tells her to drink lemon water it will be good for both of you .Everyone motivates Sherlyn that soon you will also give good news. Dadi tells her to live happily and make this trip memorable.

Then they play music and enjoy the tour. Sherlyn saw tears in Preeta eyes and thought something is there. Preeta was willing to buy sweets for Sonakshi but the sweets were finished there. Sudddenly Laxmi came there and tells Preeta that she can take these boxes. The shop owner told them that she only bought all the boxes of sweets. Laxmi acknowledged to them that she is getting married so she bought it but she can take it. Kritika gets impressed by Laxmi’s behavior and tells her you are like my Preeta hope we will meet soon.

Sonakshi was telling her Father that you have  fixed my marriage so early that she is unable to call her friends as they stay out of town. Her father told that Guy was so nice that  he don’t want to lose him. Luthra’s family came and Sonakshi welcomes them. Karan said she speaks too much. Sonakshi told him to be nice to her as she is going  to marry. Yash told them he often read about his family in the magazine and after Sonakshi returned she only speaks about his family only. Sonakshi says sometimes vibes get matched instantly. Yash told them to get ready as the groom’s family is about to come. Preeta thought everyone is so happy and she didn’t get time to tell them about the report.

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