Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 19 August 2021 written update – Garv is missing!

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna came to his room and saw Garv was sleeping in the room. He asked Pratigya why he is sleeping here? She told him that today he was a little upset so she made him sleep here. Krishna took a pillow and settled down on the floor. Pratigya asks him what type of behavior is this? Krishna says he doesn’t want to talk on this topic so let him sleep peacefully. She also brings a pillow and slept beside Krishna.

While Adarsh was sleeping Komal throws water on him. He hurriedly woke up and scolded her. She says him to feel lucky as she was willing to throw gutters water. Komal told him that he troubled her by bringing other girls so now she will also not let him sleep in peace. Then Adarsh went away from there.

Kesar was telling Kriti to eat something as it’s not important for you to not eat anything before tying the Rakhi. Suddenly Sumitra came across Komal and ask him how she can celebrate Rakhi as a few days back her brother died. She told her that she is having one more brother. Sumitra tauntingly says that one who killed his elder brother.

Pratigya saw Garv being upset. She tells him to get ready as Kriti is waiting to tie Rakhi. Then she told him that his father has brought a beautiful Kurta for him. Garv gets happy to hear this. Later Samar denied receiving Rakhi from Kriti. Pratigya told him it’s fine but one day he will feel guilty for the same. Then she was about to tie rakhi to Garv but Sumita threw the plate. She told them that Garv is not a member of this family so she won’t tie rakhi to him. Pratigya tries to convince him not to do such an act in front of kid’s but she didn’t hear anyone.

Kriti cries and requests Krishna to do something as she wishes to tie Rakhi to Garv. Sumitra threatens her if she would tie a Rakhi the r she will break her hand. Kriti boldly told them that she would tie him Rakhi at any cost. Suddenly they noticed that Garv was missing from there. Pratigya went to find him but he was not in the house.

Garv was walking in between the roads. He was remembering the harsh words told by Sumitra. Adarsh was asking Samar and Sumitra whether they have told him anything. Komal tells Sumitra what was the need to creating such a mess in front of kids. Sumitra says it’s karma as kids have to suffer because of their parent’s evil work. She tauntingly told her not to show fake concern in front of Adarsh as one day he would leave you. Kesar was telling Kriti not to cry. Komal told Sumitra that if she found her conspiracy behind the DNA report then it won’t good for him.

Upcoming Story- Garv meets with an accident. The doctor told his parents to donate blood. Krishna told Pratigya to go and donate and he is waiting here.