Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11 October 2021 written update – Raghav gets stuck

At the beginning of the episode, Esha gives back Pallavi’s phone. Pallavi says how their phones got exchanged. Esha says she realized when she messaged Raghav. Raghav thinks that means Esha sent all these messages, not Pallavi. Pallavi wonders what messages Esha sent Raghav. Raghav says he sent romantic messages to Pallavi and she must have thought he sent it to her. Pallavi checks her phone but Esha has deleted all the messages. Pallavi says it is all so weird.

Raghav asks Pallavi not to talk to about Esha. He gives his phone to Pallavi to read the messages. Pallavi sees that Raghav wrote, “I love you”. She asks what Esha wrote as those messages are deleted. Raghava asks her not to stretch the topic. Pallavi says Esha is his ex-girlfriend and she just wanted to clear her doubts with her husband but he is acting immature. Raghav says if not talking about the past is immature, then so be it. They argue and sleep. Raghav says he is going out of Hyderabad for a meeting the next morning and will not come back if she behaves like that.

Esha’s car hits Amruta’s scooty. Passersby tells Amruta not to let her go easily. Amruta tells them not to worry as she is fine. Esha tells Amruta to let her drop where she wants to go and they will get her scooty repaired. Esha gives the keys to the driver. Esha sees that Amruta is going for an interview in her company and offers her the job there and then.
Pallavi looks for Raghav everywhere at home but cannot find him. She tells Kirti that they had an argument and now Raghav is nowhere to be found. Kirti says that he must have gone to the office.

Pallavi thinks she must plan a surprise for Raghav. Farhad tells her that Raghav left for Warangal for the meeting. Pallavi calls Raghav. Raghav picks the phone, but the network is bad. Pallavi asks him if he had something to eat and when he will reach. Raghav is happy to hear that and says sorry, but they cannot talk because of the bad network. Raghav’s car stops and a stone is thrown by a group of protesters.

Driver says they cannot move ahead. Raghav tells him to go back. Pallavi worries about Raghav. Farhad tells Pallavi that riots have started in Warangal. Pallavi sees the news about riots. Raghav requests a hotel for a room but everything is booked. He offers the manager, money to get the room. The manager gives him a room that has already been booked but the guest is late.

Raghav worries about Pallavi and asks if the landline is working. The manager tells him that all landlines are blocked. Pallavi and Farhad worry about Raghav. Pallavi calls ACP Lakshmi to get some information about Raghav. ACP says she is getting transferred because of Raghav, so why she should help him.

Esha comes to the hotel and asks how they could give her room to someone else. They tell her that Raghav took her room. Esha says she doesn’t need to stay there and goes away.

Raghav stays in his room but worries about Esha. He goes out and checks about her. He finds her standing outside in the dark. A car pulls over and someone pulls Esha inside. Raghav chases the car. The other car stops at a barricade and turns back. Raghav goes forward. The cars almost collide and stop. The man in the car comes out. Esha faints.

Episode ends