Qurbaan Hua 22 September : Gazala’s eye on the jewelry bag

At the beginning of the episode Vyas Ji notices that Godambri was greedily using that jewelry which was inside the bag, immediately Vyas Ji shout’s, and said Jamana that today she has done 2 mistakes for which she would not attending Kripa’s Tula dan ceremony. And asked Aalekh to pack this bag and then Vyas Ji takes this bag with him. Gazala listening to this thinks, that now Vyas Ji will keep an eye on a bag and it would be difficult for her to take this bag, but as she was a money-minded woman she decided that she will not leave this bag.

There outside the house, Chahat says to Niel that she will not enter the house until and unless Vyas Ji forgives her. Gazala was moving in the house in the search of that bag. Then Vyas Ji comes outside the house and ask both of them to go inside and get ready for the ceremony as Chahat would be attending the ceremony keeping Kripa in her lap. Vyas Ji also handed over the bag to Chahat to keep it safe till the ceremony.

Gazala was tracking everyone who was inside the house. Goadambri brings a few clothes and jewelry for Chahat to wear in the ceremony. And following her Gazala also reached Chahat room, where Goadambri handed few works to Gazala. During this Chahat was taking steam by covering her face so she was only able to listen to the conversation.

Niel said silently to Gazala that Chahat shouldn’t be informed how she meat Dr baig. While leaving Gazala picked up the bag and leaving from the room. At the same moment, Chahat raised her face and stopped Gazala and asked her to leave this bag here as Vyas Ji had given this responsibility to her. while roaming Vyas Ji saw Gazala and asked her about her health and said if she wants to pay for her mistakes then donate all then money and jewelry among the beggars and leave that place. After listening to this Gazala become’s hyper.

Episode ends…

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