Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, everybody assembles in the corridor for morning supplication. Gehna takes Kartick to Sikandar. Shreya sees Kartick resting on Sikandar’s lap. She is going to go to them however Gehna stops her. Suhani lets Sikandar know that they will win Kartick’s authority case without a doubt. Gehna tells her that youngster can’t avoid mother regardless and heads inside.

In the kitchen, Shreya trusts that Sikandar won’t hurt Kartick. Gehna requests that she quiet down. She says that Sikandar is Kartick’s dad so he won’t hurt his child. She says that Sikandar isn’t great spouse yet he is great dad without a doubt. She adds that Kartick’s affection will change Sikandar.

Shreya tells her that she don’t imagine that Sikandar will come to their side. Gehna tells her that Sikandar will come for the wellbeing of Kartick. Suhani comes there and says that Gehna’s arrangement is awesome yet how might she execute the arrangement. She advises her that tomorrow is trial and after separate from Gehna can’t go into the house.

She asks Shreya that what will befall her once Gehna goes out. She says that Shreya will lose Kartick most certainly. She adds that Sikandar won’t allow Shreya to go close to Kartick’s shadow as well. Sikandar picks Kartick who is resting and he comes on Gehna’s side. He gives Kartick to Shreya. Gehna lets Suhani know that the last option additionally saw what occurred.

Suhani asks Sikandar that how might he cross the segment line. Sikandar advises her that Kartick doesn’t have anything to do with segment line. He says that first time he felt that Kartick needs father as well. Furthermore, he is burnt out on recognizing contempt easily for him. He adds that he can’t lose Kartick due to segment line. She asks him that what is he talking about. He tells her that on the off chance that she doesn’t eliminate the parcel line then he will go to Kartick and Shreya and leaves the room.

Surya comes there. Suhani behaves like blacking out which stresses Surya. She says that she don’t have anybody in this world. She adds that Surya will leave her too like Sarika and Sikandar. She chooses to kick the bucket and she attempts to slit her wrist. Surya tells her that he is with her. He grabs the blade from her. She lets him know that she would rather not live. He vows to not leave her. She requests that he vow to separate from Gehna and remain with her generally. He vows to her. She embraces him.

Following day, Gehna and Surya prepares. Shreya lets Gehna know that she petitioned God for her today. Gehna takes Dada and Dadi’s endowments. Urmila argues Suhani to not separate Surya and Gehna. Suhani requests that she take off from the house after Gehna’s separation.

She says that Agastya likes Gehna so Gehna can remain in Agastya’s home after separate. Surya tells her that Agastya is only Gehna’s companion. Gehna says that she will not legitimize herself to anybody. She takes Urmila’s favors and goes out. Riddhima tells her reality to Agastya. She says that she realizes that he cherishes Gehna. She adds that he is beguiling his companion. Agastya leaves for court.

Upcoming story: Judge inquires as to whether they altered their perspective. Surya lets him know that he need to separate from Gehna.

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