Barrister Babu written update 20 July 2021 Bondita reveals the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan is shocked to see Binoy’s condition. Anirudh holds him. Anirudh promises that he will once again take Binoy abroad and get Binoy treated. Somnath advises that they should keep Binoy in shackles because now he can never recover and he can harm them too. Anirudh gets angry at his words and harridan him.

Tapur learns that Bondita is not at home. Thakura is about to enter the room but Tapur stops her and prays that Bondita will come home soon. Here Anirudh thanks Bondita for saving his father’s life. He is sad because at one time his father was very powerful that even foreign officers did not avoid his talk but now the condition is getting so bad. He falls asleep with his head on Bondita’s shoulder. Bondita also gets emotional.

Sumati learns that Bondita is not feeling well. So she goes to meet her in the room. Tapur sees her and looks through the window to see if Bondita has come or not. She sees Bondita and asks her to come to the room as soon as possible. Further, Sumati enters the room and beholds Bondita lying on the ground. Thakuma asks what was she doing. Bondita lies that she is exercising.

Sumati asks her if she is alright. Bondita remembers Anirudh and says that she is very happy. The next morning Bondita decides that she will tell the truth to Anirudh today that Vyjayanthi is Bondita. She further hears that Chandrachur’s mother is making a spectacle. Chandrachur is happy that his mother is doing what he says. While Bondita raises her voice against her mother, she silences Bondita by saying that she should have thought about her sister when she left her.

At the same time, she announces that she will get Chandrachur’s second marriage done. Bondita decides that she will support him as Chandrachur does not want to break the marriage. Chandrachur thinks that he will soon make Bondita his wife. Later Bondita comes to Anirudh and notifies him that she is his Bondita. Anirudh is shocked. Bondita holds his hand. Anirudh realizes that she is his Bondita.

Bondita asks him to confess that he has Bondita in his heart. Anirudh denies this and asserts that there is no relation between them. Bondita says that she knows that truth as she saw all those letters. He adds that he did not use any such word in the letter as well. Bondita says but those incomplete words meant that he loves her. But all this happens to be Bondita’s dream. Bondita decides that she will know what is in Anirudh’s mind as Vyjayanthi.

Anirudh feels sorry that he got emotional in front of Vyjayanthi and told everything. Bondita comes there. Anirudh thinks that she is a Bihari, so he asks her to apply oil on his head. Bondita does the same. Anirudh stands up and makes her understand that she should not misunderstand him for yesterday’s talk. Vyjayanthi makes it clear that she will not impose her friendship on him. She asks him to take care of himself and went away.

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