Bawara Dil 18 March 2021 Written Update – Siddhi wed’s Shiva

At the beginning of the episode, Siddhi was dressed in a bride costume and imagined that Gaurav came to him and asked her about the rings which he gave. Suddenly someone called Siddhi and her imagination bubble burst out. Narpath recognized Gaurav’s ring and identified that this body is of Gaurav. One of the men of Narpath told the police that yesterday I saw Shiva fighting with Gaurav and warning him that he would burn him alive if he tries to come near Siddhi. Narpath stared insisting on them for justice.

Malini came along with Siddhi to the wedding location. On the way, she was insisting Siddhi to deny for this marriage. Akka Bai was giving instructions to Shiva not to look at her angrily. Shiva’s mother was looking at Sarkar and feeling happy as Akka Bai promised that she would marry his son to her daughter. The priest started the marriage rituals. Siddhi was not happy with this marriage. Narpath was manipulating the police by telling them that he burnt Gaurav alive and we want him to get arrested. During the rituals, Siddhi was sitting still and thinking about Gaurav. Akka Bai told Bhawe to tell them to co-operate as this not her father funeral. Siddhi was recalling how Gurav behaved with her when she meets him last. Siddhi was Just recalling about the past memories of Gaurav.

Narpath went to the Police station to insist the head officer to arrest Shiva. Sonia went to her father and insisted him to take involvement in your son’s in marriage. He told her that I am fine here you go and enjoy your brother marriage. Sonia said it seems like Shiva is not happy with this marriage. Shiva’s father said I am worried about that girl. Then he told Sonia to go and enjoy.

During the marriage rituals, Siddhi and Shiva thought in there mind of taking revenge on each other for what all happened. Siddhi thought till the last breath I would hate you. With each rounds, they took a pledge to destroy each other. suddenly Siddhi’s cloth end catches fire and everyone shouted but Sidhhi was standing still. Then they came and put off the fire. Malini thought that God knows what would happen with my daughter next.