Bawara Dil 26 March 2021 Written Update – Siddhi taunts Akka Bai!

At the beginning of the episode, Siddhi was not willing to go with Shiva to Akka Bai house. Shiva’s father told Siddhi to go and have a look at zoo. Shiva looked at his father weirdly. Siddhi was leaving from there Shiva’s father told her that you are forgetting something. Shiva looked at that Mangalsutra and tells her to take this along with you. Shiva’s father indirectly hinted at him to make this Mangalsutra wear to Siddhi. Shiva went to Siddhi and make her wear that mangalsutra.

Shiva was waiting for Siddhi and thinking that why Akka Bai called her. Suddenly Siddhi appeared and Shiva admired her for few seconds. Then Shiva told Siddhi to hurry up as we are getting late. Siddhi looked at the jeep, Shiva told her that keeps tired is punctured so have to go on a bike. Siddhi told her to sit as we are getting late. Siddhi sat at his back and Shiva went off. After a while, Siddhi told Shiva to stop the bike because you are intentionally taking your bike from a rough road to trouble me. Siddhi told her that I would come by myself. Shiva waited for her at certain distances but Siddhi came by walking to Akka Bai’s house.

Mangala saw Ishwar was coming towards home. Ishwar came to her and told her that I have to take Siddhi for few days. Mangala told her that all men’s of this house went off for their work and I can’t bend so can you remove this cow dunk. Ishwar felt wired but he agreed. Mangala sat down and enjoying seeing him doing that work.

There Shiva and Siddhi went inside Akka Bai’s house. Akka Bai saw them and said my favourite son has come. Shiva touched her feet. Akka Bai told Shiva that now you are a married man and you both should take blessings at the same time. Siddhi didn’t take any action. Akka Bai taunted that Ishwar forgot to give values to her daughter. Akka Bai looks on. Shiva’s father came from out and stopped Ishwar from doing that. Ishwar told her that Mangala was having pain in her waist. Shiva’s father international throws cow dunk on Mangala clothes. Shiva told Siddhi that I won’t accept this type of rude behaviour with Akka Bai. Siddhi told him that I will do what I feel good for so no one can stop me. They both looked at each other angrily.