Choti Sarrdaarni 21 November 2020 Written Update : Kulwant catches the thief

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab gets out of the room to take some papers. Harleen holds him and asks what’s occurring inside the room and why he is taking these papers. He states he will reveal her later and moves towards the room. Sarab grants Karan’s custody paper to Vikram. Vikram gets glad seeing that and was about to endorse it. Sarab asks why he is addressing a different name in the string of Karan’s father.

Vikram states he is writing his name only. Sarab answers, but your name is Manav. Vikram gets amazed listening to him and addresses Manav there. Sarab asks he addressed Manav, but where is Manav as he can discern Vikram is only who is Seema’s son. Vikram says the name does not imply now, but his sentiments only value, and he is Karan’s father. Sarab says he is also telling that only father’s name does not mean just sentiments matter, and he has that sentiment for Karan. Meher says what will occur to Seema if Aditi doesn’t arrive home tonight.

Vikram takes a call from Seema and gets to know that she is concerned about Aditi. Kulwant freezes the guy who got the necklace from Amrita and gets shocks seeing Lovely who is Amrita’s brother. She seizes the necklace from him and berates him for taking this from his sister. Vikram says to Aditi that he also has a history as everyone has, but right now there is no one in his life other than her. He tells her to come with him to their house. She advises him to not cry and consents to go with him saying she trusts him. Harleen asks she won’t let Aditi go from here until Vikram says, who is that cloth girl.

Harleen questions Sarab to tell what happened inside the room. Sarab states it was just a dispute now they netted it and it’s common between husband and wife and encourages her saying Vikram will handle it. Vikram goes out to take the car. Aditi tells Sarab that even though she was Vikram’s history she requires to know who is that girl and says she understands that he and Meher will support her to find that girl.

Kulwant came from outside and calling her, and she is so mad. Amrita shakes seeing Kulwant’s apparel. Kulwant’s son asks why she is wearing a dress. She says she has to use this to catch a thief. She says Amrita missed her necklace, which Kulwant shows to everyone.

Jeeto tells someone seized this necklace from Amrita. Kulwant says Amrita to tell the fact and says she got from Lovely. Amrita says because of pandemic Lovely’s company feigned that’s why she gave this necklace to him. Kulwant taunts her. Robbie takes the mobile from that room and thinks now he can know the truth. Param gets custody papers and tries to read out the word ‘custody’.

Episode end

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