Qurbaan Hua 23 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat went to dig out the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Dr. Baigh was taking Chahat name. Chahat was pampering Kripa and kept her in a swinging chair and said she is missing her mom very much as today is her birthday. Alekh silently entered the room and stood behind Chahat and watch out for Chahat from her back, and took a deep breath.

Neel brought Dr. Baigh to Bhupnder bakery and thought of giving one chance to Chahat to prove her father’s innocence. Alekh came near and said See Kripa, how she is happy with you as she also wants you to be her mother. Alekh kept his hand on Her shoulder, Chahat stood up and slapped Alekh.

Neel said as soon as Dr. Baigh gets well he will bring out the truth from his mouth. Neel told Bhupnder to keep him here while Chahat completes her exams. Neel left to bring medicine for Dr. Baigh but saw Chahat was coming inside, but Neel stopped her and asked what she is doing here. Chahat said today is her mother’s birthday, and she wants a cake from inside. Neel said Bhupnder is cleaning his bakery, so he will bring a cake for her. While going Chahat heard a breaking noise and thought of checking, but Neel forced her to go as he will look after her.

Chahat requested Vyas Ji to make a portion of Neel cook show in the factory, but Vyas Ji replied that the factory is of someone else how can we do something there. Then Chahat thought Alekh lied to Chahat about the factory. Vyas Ji said the factory owner is a good friend of him he can manage something for him. Chahat thought through this she will find why Alekh went there. Suddenly Neel came with the cake, and Vyas Ji got emotional and thought he has brought for him, but right next moment he got to know it’s for Chahat, so he immediately went aside and doing his work. Chahat said Neel to go and change his dress.

Chahat noticed Vyas Ji was thinking of something and went to him Asked him Chahat got to know today Vyas Ji was Also having his birthday and wished him Vyas Ji said Chahat does not reveal to anyone as he did not celebrate once. Then Chahat said we both will mutually celebrate a birthday then Chahat and Vyas Ji cut the cake, and Chahat asked what Vyas Ji want on his birthday.

Vyas Ji said Chahat to help in improving his term with Neel. Chahat gave an idea of online chatting with Neel. Vyas Ji gets confused then Chahat said first we will eat the cake. Chahat came with the cake and requested his mom to help her to get in touch with Dr. Baigh.

Chahat saw Neel dresses here and there and placed one side and saw Vyas Ji sent a friend request to him then he went to Vyas Ji and said to use any girl name to talk with Neel as boys talk with Girls easily. Vyas Ji told that his friend was allowed to shoot at his factory.

Vyas Ji thought what name should he keep to talk with Neel he saw somewhere written Mira than he thou of keeping his name Mira Avasthi as virtually to talk with Neel. Alekh was telling himself that one day he will have control of Chahat as he knows she is not Mira whom Neel loved. Neel saw the friend request of Mira Avasthi and was a little confused.

Episode end

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