Choti Sarrdaarni 9 December 2020 Written Update – Aditi played a trick to bring back Karan

At the beginning of the episode, Param noticed a bird’s nest in his garden and asked Meher than he started requesting Sarab to take him to a big park then all decided to go for a picnic. Aditi said, now I can understand everything why you were so lonely without Karan. Param made s mud house in the park, and showed it to Karan, and addressed everyone’s room inside that. Meher said you left Aditi’s room in this house.

Vikram said he would not live without his son anymore. Vikram requested Aditi to admit on the court that you will take care of Karan properly. Aditi said for Karan’s custody there is no need of going to court for his custody as her late mother will help to bring back Karan to this house.

Param demanded ice cream from Meher. Meher went to Bring ice cream for her suddenly a ball smashed into Param mud house and destroyed it. Param instantly got upset. Few children came and started teasing Param and asked him to give back the ball. Param said, them to apologize for breaking his house. Then they called their gang head to deal with Param. One of the boys came and warned Param to return the ball or else he will break his head. All they started snatching the ball from his Suddenly, Sarab, and Meher came. Sarab took the ball and raised his hand upward. All were trying to take it but unable to take it. Sarab challenged them to a cricket match and said if they win, they all have to apologize to Param.

Sarab bowled the leader of the gang, but they tricked them by considering that ball as a trial ball. On the next ball, the leader hits the ball high into the sky, but Meher catches the ball, and Sarab wins the challenge. Then they denied apologizing to Param, so Sarab also denied returning the ball and went off. The little gang decided to take their ball back one day.

Aditi took Vikram with him and says today she reveal a big truth that will shake everyone. Sarab and Meher returned home, and Paeam says he will go to see birds with Karan. Meher noticed Aditi’s car was parked outside the house. Aditi said, Harleen that she wants to move on by forgetting all these past and she has just one wish, immediately Sarab came and asked Aditi to say what she wants, he will fulfill that. Aditi said to give back Karan to Vikram. Sarab got shocked.

Episode end

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