Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 4 february 2022 written update: Agastya lost his love

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi and Tanya was having coffee in the cafe near Trinity hospital (where Ishan works). Pakhi want to meet Ishan that’s why she send Tanya to meet the clients. Ishan arrived at the cafe. Pakhi asked why he came here? Ishan said he came here to give company to her. Ishan said we will have dinner in this cafe tonight, Pakhi said she need to meet Agastya that’s why she can’t. Ishan said he can drop Pakhi to the Kundan Mahal and they both move towards the same. Ishan asked does Pakhi likes someone? Pakhi said she like someone but she is not sure that person likes her or not.

Agastya was waiting for Pakhi at the Kundan Mahal and doing arrangements to propose her. Ishan drops Pakhi at the Kundan Mahal. As soon as Pakhi entered in the Mahal, flowers fall over her through a chopper. Pakhi informed Agastya that she is in love, Agastya thought she loves him. Pakhi said she loves Dr. Ishan Tondon, he get shocked. Pakhi started talking about Ishan and said she need to meet him. Pakhi said goodbye to Agastya and leaves from there. Ishan was waiting for Pakhi outside the Kundan Mahal, she gets happy after watching him. Agastya saw Pakhi and Ishan together, felt bad.

Later Agastya get drunk and arrived at home. Agastya’s grandmother asked what happened? Agastya started crying. Agastya’s grandmother asked Agastya to give more time to Pakhi. Agastya went to his room and thinking about Pakhi. A man in the black hoodie come to meet Agastya and revealed his face. That man was appointed by Agastya to keep eye on Pakhi, he said Pakhi met Ishan in the cottage and they came close. Agastya took that man in the secret room. Agastya said he always keeps eye on Pakhi and she didn’t knew that. Agastya said Pakhi hides a pain behind her smile and no one knows about that other than him.

Agastya said due to him, he lost Pakhi and decided to punish that guy. Agastya said Pakhi was in the cottage for 9 hours only and she started loving Ishan. Agastya said he helps Pakhi in every possible way and she thought that universe helps her. Agastya said Pakhi can’t love someone other than her own universe (Agastya) and he started crying. Agastya said he lost love of his life and that’s why this boy needs to die. Agastya hand that man with the chains.