Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 6 May 2022 written update: Bulbul enters the house

At the beginning of the episode, Bulbul is sleeping. Naveli comes and wakes her up and asks her to leave. Dadi stops Naveli and asks her that she decided to keep Bulbul here. She says that Agastya gets happy with her and maybe it can help Agastya to heal. Naveli asks Dadi that how could she hide Bulbul here and if anyone see her. Bulbul says that she will treat Agastya if they allow her to stay in this house. Mira is coming while Bulbul hides herself.

Mira asks Dadi if they are planning to take revenge but Naveli denies it. Mira opens the storeroom and finds Agastya sleeping. Naveli signs Bulbul to leave the storeroom. Agastya wakes up and finds Mira there. He is about to tell Everything to Mira but Dadi stops him. Mira asks Agastya that he is lying and scolds him. Agastya Apologize to Mira and sits on his knees. Mira asks Agastya to take Medicine and leaves from there. Agastya asks Dadi that she brought a friend for him and ask her that she will not tell it to Mira. Agastya kisses Dadi and leaves. Dadi ask Naveli that Agastya is talking nicely with her and asks her to keep Bulbul here. Naveli asks Bulbul to stay here but Prema comes there and thinks that the voice is so familiar. Naveli says that no one is here. Prema leaves. Naveli asks Bulbul not to say anything and asks her to stay here. Bulbul looks on and says that she will make a grand entry in this house.

Mira and Yug come and sits at the breakfast table. Agastya is looking at Mira and waiting that Mira will give him breakfast. Mira gets angry and scolds her employees to get money. She asks them to do anything as investors are coming for a meeting. She says that She has to find Pakhi’s body anyhow. Yug says that she won’t find anything after six months. Mira takes the keys and leaves from there. The nurse tries to feed Agastya but he refused to eat. Dadi feels bad for Agastya.

Mira is driving harshly. Yug follows her in bike. Mira hits Bulbul who covered his face. The public gathers where Bulbul shouts in pain. She says that she will call Police. Yug says that it’s his mistake and offers her to treat her. They take Bulbul to the house for taking care of her. The doctor checks Bulbul. Naveli and Dadi feels that she heard this voice before. Naveli checks the storeroom and didn’t find Bulbul there. Agastya is scared and asks the nurse that he doesn’t want to take shock treatment. He heard Bulbul ‘s voice and says that it’s pain a lot.

Naveli informs Dadi that Bulbul is missing. Bulbul blackmails Mira and asks her to let her stay in this house and asks her to give ten lakh rupees. Mira refused to give her. Bulbul says if she can’t give her money then she has to give her work in this house and threatens her that she will call Police. Mira asks her to show her face otherwise she can’t give her work. Bulbul removes her veil and shows her burned face. Mira looks on.