Kumkum Bhagaya 5 July 2021 Written Update -Abhi is disappointed

At the beginning of the episode, When Abhi sees Pragya he gets happy. His happiness knew no bounds. He tells Pragya that he knew she was alive. He ask her where was she from past two years? He tells her that he missed her so much and tried to find her everywhere. Everyone used to say that Pragya is no more but he knew that one day he will find her or she will find him, because they are meant to be together forever. He says that he loves her so much and these two years are so difficult for him without her.

Pragya says that she know who he loved so much. She tells him that she didn’t forget what happened to her two years ago. Abhi ask her what is she talking about. She says she don’t want to talk about that. He says that he thinks he is jealous of Tanu. He tells her that Dadi asked him to help Tanu that’s why he is helping her. He is about to hug her but Pragya ask him to stay away from her. Abhi ask her why she is behaving so strange with him. Pragya says that now there is no relation between them.

Sushma called the security guard and ask them to get Abhi out of this house. Abhi says to Pragya that he will come back. to her. When Abhi left from there, Pragya cries so much. Abhi goes to the police station there he talks to the police officer. Then He ask Tanu that why don’t she tell him about the Pragya. Tanu says she don’t know anything about her. Abhi tells her that he got to know everything because he is coming from her house right now. Then Abhi tells her that because Dad has asked him to get her out of the jail that’s why he is helping her.

Abhi goes to Vikram’s house and there Pallavi denies to help him. Pallavi talks to him about Prachi. Then Abhi says that he don’t want to talk about her. The she reminds him what Alia has done to their buisness. She says that If she had not handled the business at the right time, then today they too would have been with him in some chaul. She tells him that still he didn’t said anything to Alia. Then after insulting him she ask him to leave.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Purab comes to meet Alia and says that he don’t want to be with her anymore. Alia ask him what happened to him suddenly? Abhi shouts at Tanu and Alia. He ask them that why don’t they tell him about Pragya?

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