Kumkum Bhagaya written update 28 July 2021 Abhi and Pragya quarrel with each other

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi asks Pragya to come with him because this place is not good for her. Pragya says don’t he dare to touch her. He says that this place and this man are not good for him. Pragya asks him to stop. He ask him that who is he to tell her whom should she meet and where should she go? She says that now he is no one to her and is complete stranger to her. Then he holds her hand and asks her how could she say that? Pragya says she is telling him the truth and ask him to leave her.

Abhi says that she is his Pragya. He tells her that he overhears Gautam talking to someone that he will try to come closer to you that’s why he beat him. Pragya says the Pragya who belongs to him had died two years ago and this Pragya in front of him is different. She says now I’m the daughter of Sushma and have different choices and maybe I also like Gautam. Abhi lost his patience and says she is right she can’t be his Pragya because that Pragya only knows how to love.

He says now he will never come in front of her and wishes her a happy new life. Pragya says that why will he come to her because after all, he will be busy with Tanu. Then Abhi says that now he will taking her car and ask her to come with Gautam because after all he likes him. Pragya asks him to stop. He says that he had said that he can be defeated only by love, if she shows her attitude, they will never be able to defeat him. Abhi takes a bottle of whiskey from there and drinks.

He was thinking about Pragya and the car hits the tree. Meanwhile, Ranbir’s grandmother tells Pallavi that Vikram wants to get Ranbir and Prachi back because he loves his son. She says that she always blames Prachi but she is the one who because of that Ranbir stays away from all of them. Prachi has never stopped Ranbir from coming there. She asks her please bring Ranbir back and accept them if she wants the well-being of Vikram. Abhi’s words are ringing in the mind of Pragya and she feels like something has happened to Abhi.

Abhi thinks that he hits the car and now it gets damaged, but it’s okay because Pragya also insulted her. Sushma goes to the farmhouse and asks Gautam to file a police complaint against Abhi but he refuses. Then she tells Pragya that Abhi must not be able to see her with That’s why he did that.

Upcoming story- Abhi tells Dadi that she is not her Pragya she is different now. Tanu says that her life becomes hell after getting married to him. Abhi says then she should leave the house. Alia comes and tells Abhi that Sushma has come here with the police, maybe because she wants to get him arrested.

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