Kumkum bhagya 30 June 2021 Written Update -Pragya comes to know about Mehra family

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi is shouting at Tanu. He says that how could she stole a purse. Tanu says that she doesn’t stole the bag, she bought it. She says to Abhi that he also has the habit of drinking. Abhi says that his family’s reputation is not getting spoiled because of his drinking habit. He says to her that one day she will be caught by the police because of her habit of stealing things. Pallavi is not behaving properly with Ranbir. His grandmother consoles him and says that to handle this family Pallavi has become cold hearted.

But everyone missed him a lot in the last two years. Pragya reaches at the Chaul and at the same time Abhi leaves from there. Pragya enters the house of Abhi and she is shocked to see everyone in that condition. Dadi gets emotional and happy after seeing Pragya. Police tell Tanu to give the bag of Pragya back to her. Tanu says that this purse belongs to her and Pragya is lying. She says that Pragya is jealous of her and she can’t even afford to buy this purse.

Pragya ask Tanu to talk to her properly otherwise she will regret. Police constable take that purse from Tanu and give it to Pragya. Then Tanu says this purse doesn’t belong to Pragya and also she don’t stole that purse. She tells that she just pick up that because no one is around that purse. Then Pragya tells her that the purse belongs to her and the stuff inside it is also hers. She also tells her that this purse also have the property papers of Mehra mansion which she has bought today. Dadi says to Pragya that she was waiting to see her and now she is so happy.

Pragya gets emotional so she left. On the other hand Abhi saves Sushma from an accident. Pragya thinks that now she don’t want to take revenge from Abhi as life has already let him down. Police arrests Tanu. Alia tells Mitali to not tell Abhi anything about Pragya. Then Abhi comes and Dadi is about to tell him about Pragya but Alia stops her. She takes her to the corner and says that if she will tell Abhi about Pragya now then he might get a shock. Later, Mitali told everything to Abhi that police has arrested Tanu.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Abhi goes to police station to meet Tanu. Tanu tells him that she didn’t stole anything. She tells him that, that woman is doing all this because she took away everything from her. Abhi ask her which woman? Alia hopes that Tanu don’t tell Abhi anything about Pragya.

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