Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 13 August 2021 written update – Shocking news for Pratigya

At the beginning of the episode, Sumitra says it feels like festival days are going on as many verities are made and served. Then she says enjoy as everyone’s good days are back. Pratigya tells Adarsh that Komal never stepped into the kitchen but today she cooked for him as she is putting effort for him.

Adarsh settled down at the dining table and Komal severed his food. She tells him today she has made it for him so tell me how is it? Adarsh told her it’s no hot. Komal says today he had acted like a husband by finding out the flaws. She told him to keep on doing this and she will improve.

When Komal came back after reheating it, Adarsh intentionally hits his hand and it fell over on Komal’s hand. Pratigya tells Kesar to bring a wet cloth or a blister would appear. Komal thought he had done this intentionally to punish her. Everyone was looking after her but Adarsh was enjoying his meal. Krishna tells Komal not to go into the kitchen as it’s doesn’t suit her.

A man tied up a swing outside the house at Sumitra’s request. Kriti get’s excited and started swinging on that. Sumitra tells her to swing it higher. Suddenly the rope breaks and she fell down. Samar and Sumitra mock her. Pratigya came running hearing Kriti screaming out of pain. While Pratigya was taking her inside Sumitra taunt her. Pratigya says that she should help her in spite of taunting. Sumitra thinks it’s just a starting many are ahead.

Komal was applying ointment and insisting Adarsh look at her injury once. He says if it’s painting too much then let him go by signing on the divorce papers. She told him that she won’t let him go anywhere. Adarsh says then she has to face this type of thing daily. Komal told him that she is ready for such things till he starts loving her. Adarsh says this would be her dream only.

Later, Adarsh gave a bouquet to Komal and tells her to decorate the room as today it would be a surprise for her. Komal happily agreed to it. Pratigya and Krishna were talking about whether Sumitra is trying to take revenge by targeting Kriti and Garv. There Komal was decorating the room with rose petals and candles.

Kesar was requesting the hostel warden that she is willing to talk with his son. Warden told her you are not allowed to talk neither he wants to talk with Samar tells her that he knows the whole truth and he won’t talk with a murderer. Adarsh came and knocked on the door. Komal opens the door and saw Adarsh came with another woman. Then he told her to go out of here. After closing the door Adarsh thanked her for helping him. He tells her to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the couch.

The next morning Adarsh opened the door and that woman went off. After she left Komal entered the room without saying anything. Adrash wonders how she can be so calm. Later an envelope came for Krishna. He told them it’s a DNA report of kids as earlier when he was not able to recall anything properly. Kids started asking about it. Krishna says now I got you so there is no use of it. Pratigya opens the envelope as kids wished to see it. Then she remains in shock after seeing that Garv’ss DNA doesn’t match with Krishna’s DNA.

Upcoming story – Pratigya says that she has only seen this type of report exchange incident in the movies. Sumitra tells her not to hide this by giving this type of statement and questions about the real father of Garv.