Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 Written Episode 12 July 2021 -Krishna feels insecure

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna brings a saree for Pratigya and told her to change it. Pratigya recalls that once Krishna gifted this same saree to me. Meera gets jealous and tells Sumitra that this means Krishna is making me naked by giving her clothes. Sumitra questioned then why you burned her clothes. Pratigya told Meera that this is the same saree that he gifted me previously also this is our unbreakable bond so why you try to break it as we are getting more close. Meera gets irritated.

Pratigya was telling Kesar that I will prepare Krishna’s favorite food. Sumitra heard this and told Pratigya I won’t let you enter the kitchen. Sumitra scolds Kesar for being along with Pratigya and tells her to get lost from here. Adarsh came there and told Pratigya that I am going to market you too can come with me I will buy you clothes. Komal objected burr Sumitra agree to Adarash suggestion. Adarsh tried to tell Komal that Sajjan and Sumitra told me to get close to Pratigya so that Krishna doubts her and then throws her out of the house. Komal says is there is any such plan made and let me know also because now I don’t have any problem you go I will rest over here.

Krishna came back home and Sumitra tries to manipulate him by saying that Prarigar took Adarash along with her for shopping. Sajjan Singh says she loves to roam around and this Krishna scolded her wide for that girl. Krishna calls and asks rudely to Pratigya why you went with him as I told you that I will take you with me. Pratigya says why you are behaving like this and I came for urgent work. After the call ended Adarash ask why you agree to come with me as I told you all these are Sumitra’s plans and you should have objected to coming with me. Pratigya says I am having a plan because to break a plan it’s necessary to have a plan against it.

They both come back from the market and Pratigya offers Krishna’s favorite sweets to him but he was angry from her. Pratigya told him if I would go along with you then there would be new drama so I thought ott would be better to go with him. Sumitra thinks this time Pratigya won’t win because I have created a strong misunderstanding between them. Krishna and Pratigya plan for an ice cream treat.

Krishna was waiting for Pratigya at the ice parlor and remember past moments with Pratigya. Then he bought a rose for her. Suddenly he saw Pratigya along with Adarsh and thought why she came with him as I called her alone. Krishna crushed the rose and left from there. Adarsh was asking Pratigya that why you are doing all these as things are getting normal slowly. Pratigya says I want him to remember everything on his own not considering me as her second lady. Adarsh says there is very much risk in it as he can far from you but Pratigya told him I am not having any option as I have seen him remembering the past.

Krishna was waiting for Pratigya to come back home and Sumitra tries to manipulate him by saying that I think Pratigya again started loving Adarsh. Meera came with varieties of dishes for Krishna but he deny to have anything. When they came back Krishna questions Adarash that why you are not in the hotel and who is doing your part of the work. Pratigya took the stand and told him that I have taken him along with me as I need to buy books. Krishna says this much time you need to buy books. Pratigya told him from there we went to have ice cream. Sumita says why you are bothering so much as Komal doesn’t have any objection to it. Krishna left over from there without saying anything.

Meera went to Pratigya’s room with a jug and intentionally fell that jug on the bed and insisted her to bring another mattress from the storeroom. On the other side, she insisted Adarash to bring a mattress from the storeroom for Sajjan Singh. They both meet over there while taking the mattress. Sumitra secretly locked the door from outside. Adarsh was about to leave and figured out that the door is closed. Pratigya doubted Sumitra and says it’s good she did the right thing Adarsh look’s on.

Upcoming Story- Sumitra intentionally says that where are Adarash and Pratigya as they both are missing from the dining table. Then the whole family spotted both of them in the storeroom together. Krishna says I can remember previously also you both were betraying me. Krishna gets furious and hits Adarsh. Komal was forcing Sumitra to reveal the truth or else I will expose you in front of everyone.