Molkki 6 July 2021 Written Update -Virender learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Shakshi says I hate you because you snatched everything from me so I started getting jealous of you then I planned to throw you out of this house. Shakshi says I manipulated you against Virender and the same I did with Virender. Shakshi says you wanted to know why I acted of not recognizing after coming out from the trap because Prakashi told me to do so. Purvi was not believing this and says how she can do this as she loves a lot Virender. Shakshi told her she pretends to love him in reality she just needs all property in her name.

Later Shakshi says I united with Prakashi to throw you out of this because I was getting jealous of you. Purvi says Anjali helped me in this and in exchange she demanded all the property. Purvi told her you should have to think about Kids. Shakshi told them I was mad in Virender loves and I was not able to see Virender loving you more than me so I named all my property in Prakashi’s name and took their help to throw you out of this house.

Purvi tells Shakshi why you pretended to be my elder sister. Virender says she just betrayed us. Shakshi says I did everything because I can’t see you with anyone and I would kill her too for this. Purvi says if you would have told me once then I might leave from this House. Shakshi told her don’t pretend to be innocent because I hate these gestures of yours. Purvi tells Shakshi that by doing all this you winy win Virender’s heart. Virender told Shakshi that today I would take Purvi’s side because she didn’t play any game with you and even sacrifices her love for you.

Virender tells Purvi that I overheard Anjali, Prakashi, and Shakshi conversation through which I got to know that all this was a conspiracy to throw you out of this house. Virender started recorded them. Prakashi says I can’t imagine that Virender didn’t get to know that Shakshi was under my trap for the last 5 years. Virender said, later I showed that Video to Shakshi and get to know about the whole truth. Virender deals with Shakshi that I would forgive you but you need to go out of the country and settle over there. Shakshi aggress about his condition and but told him you won’t tell my truth to my kids.