Molkki 8 July 2021 Written Update -Virender’s children’s are back from London

At the beginning of the episode, Anjali tells Prakashi we lost everything and now we had to bed on roads. Prakashi says we won’t beg, I will make Virneder beg on roads. Prakashi made a call and told someone that now it’s time to come and I have arranged your tickets. Anjali ask whom you have called? Prakashi replied I would insult him in front of everyone in the center of the Village.

The priest summons Virender and Purvi to start the pooja proceedings. Few strangers were entering the village in a jeep with modern outfits. They stood their jeep in front of the Virender mansion and moved inside the house. The pooja ended and they took their blessings. Suddenly a girl came inside and says “stop it pandit”. Everyone was surprised to look at them. The girl said, in the house, there is no possibility of peace in this house because Virender’s karma won’t let him live in peace. Virender says Nandini and Veer you are here. Purvi thought who you are they as Virender didn’t get off offended after listening so much.

Veer tells Virender you are not happy seeing us here right? Suddenly Kids came and hugged them. Juhi tells Purvi that they are elder brothers and sisters for a long time they used to stay in London. Purvi thought Virender has 2 more kid’s but they didn’t acknowledge me about this.

Later Purvi ask Virneder that why you didn’t acknowledge me about them. Virender told her they don’t consider me as their Father so I am dead for them. Purvi says why tout didn’t share this sad part of life as we both could find a solution to it. Purvi ask what was the reason for doing this. Virender told her they both consider me as the culprit of Shakshi’s death as they think because of my carelessness everything happened.

Virender and Puvri went downstairs and saw Nandini was shouting at servants dirt adding too much sugar. Virender scolds her for misbehaving like this with the servants. Nandini told him you don’t teach me how to behave as you haven’t behaved with us properly. Purvi tries to make her understand but she insults her by saying Molkki. Veer came there and told Nandini to hike their BP and says I am having a surprise for them. Prakashi and Anjali came with their bags.

Virender shouted at them for coming back into this house by manipulating them against me. Prakashi told him I haven’t done anything as they brought me back in this house and you snatched my everything from me now show me by snatching everything from these kids.