Molkki written update 16 July 2021 Virender get’s injured

At the beginning of the episode, Charan Singh tells Virender that now you have to give respect to me and rub your nose on my shoes and there is no shame in this because being a father of a daughter it’s common for all. Virender told him I won’t let you win in this birth and my daughter won’t let me down as she is my blood.

Purvi was telling herself how would I make Virneder understand that his rivalry is one side and Nandini’s love is on one side. Virender heard herself talk and asked what happened to you it seems like a ghost entered you as you are talking to yourself. Purvi says I am upset because my husband didn’t listen to me. Virender says today my day is not good as there Charan Singh and here you both of them are against me. Purvi try to make him understand that we can sort it out by having a meeting but Virender told her I won’t let them tie up their alliance knot at any cost.

Nandini got to know that Virender threatened Aarav’s father. Nandini told him it’s not shocking for me because I know he can’t see me happy so we would marry today itself and I am coming to you. Nandini was about to leave but Virender was standing in front at the main gate of the house. Virender told her I heard your conversation but I won’t let you go because Aarav is trying to trap you as his dad wants to take revenge on me.

Virender was trying to drag her inside the house but she pushes him back and he fell down and a heavy vase fell on his leg. Virender screams to stop him but she went off. Later, the doctor examined and suggested him take complete rest as you are having a fracture.

Purvi went to Aarav’s house as she knew that Aarav might take her to his house. Aarav took Nandini to make her meet his parents. Nandini asked him are you sure today you will talk to your parents about our marriage. Aarav told her you didn’t fear out telling Virneder then why should I. Purvi entered Aarav’s house by lying to guards that she came here in the place of another servant.

Aarav’s parents accepted their Love and told them there is one problem that your father hates me but for your happiness, I won’t let my rivalry come in between. Purvi heard their conversation and thought Charan Singh is not that bad so I need to convince Virender.

Purvi came back home and Virender was willing to take bath but Purvi told him if you will take bath then your plaster would get wet so I will do a dry bath. Virender was feeling shy opening his shirt in front of Purvi. Purvi told him not to feel shy as Mama Ji told me in your childhood days people use to call you “Nangu” as you used to take bath under a tube well. Virender says he use to speak nonsense. Later Virender was finding it difficult to take the newspaper from the table so Veer helped him out and asked what the doctor suggested you Virender told him he needs to take complete rest and I don’t know how I will complete the panchayat work.

Nandini came back home and asked where is Virender? Purvi acknowledged her about his injury but she told her it’s his own karma and I just want to tell him that tomorrow Aarav’s parents would be coming so he needs to behave properly otherwise no one will be worse than me. Purvi thought I have to convince him as soon as possible.