Nima Denzongpa 20 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Suresh tells Nima it appears Alok will keep separation with Gungan. Nima says that she figures he will call her. As she said he calls her on time. Tulika converses with him pleasantly. Alok shares with her that her driver and PA ruined yesterday. Tulika blows up and admonishes him yet Suresh persuades her to don’t be impolite. She acts to him like cross association.

Tulika shares with him that she felt bleary eyed after she drank that juice. Is it true that he is blended something in it? He denies it. She imagines like lauding him helped her a great deal. He requests that she meet him out of Mumbai to check out the spot. Tulika tells him that she will arrange for this time. She guarantees to cook for him today in his home. He acknowledges her thought and tells her she is hanging tight for her. Tulika detaches the call. Suresh takes Tulika to parlor.

Nima mask like Singh. Sunita asks her don’t matter more gum on face her skin will be ruined. She offers to her she couldn’t care less about skin however her arrangement. She figures Virat will call her in the future. Today alok will get found out without a doubt. Gulshan comes there and asks Nima whose this? Sunita illuminates to her he is Nima’s family member. Gulshan grievances thar Nima isolated her two child from her. She illuminates to her that she is here to bring back this gear of Nima. They are passing on to Mumbai. Nima feels awful there. Sunita consoles her.

Alok rehearses how to act with Gungan. Alok gets shock to see Tulika there alongside her staff. Alok asks her doesn’t she said she will come alone? Tulika tells him that she really wants her staff’s to help her. She imagines like leaving seeing his disheartened look. He stops her and requests that she cook for him. Tulika imagines like close with him and requests Alok to stand by in lobby and stare at the TV. Nima goes to help Tulika. Alok feels that his life got changed after he changed his character to Avinash. He adds that his significant other don’t cook for him in that frame of mind here somebody cooking for him.

Later Suresh attempts to contact police. At the point when he gets a line Aloj comes there. He imagines like he is conversing with AC specialist. Alok asks him to don’t take strain. Tulika and Nima are ridiculing Alok. Alok comes there and see them together embracing one another. Suresh sees Nima’s mustache eliminated. He flags her to glue it however she don’t figure out it. Suresh assists her with gluing it. Alok asks that she makes him extremely upset. She has illicit relationship with Bandhu. Tulika says that he is stoop so low. Bandhu resembles a younger sibling to her. Alok goes to open the entryway. Tulika asks Suresh Is he called police? He illuminates to her that Alok came there before he reaching him.

Alok opens the entryway and tracks down police there. Nima remembers them as a similar police whom gave on memorial service. Nima gets shocks to listen to their discussion and find they are phony police. She feels that he cleverly made everybody fool here. Alok guarantees to them he will pay the cash and sends them out. Nima imagines that Virat can return. Tulika says it’s not difficult to bring him back. Nima says uncovering reality now is undependable. She will draw out real quickly.