Qurbaan Hua 9 February 2021 Written Update – Alek’s new plan to separate Nell from Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat came inside the cowshed and saw Neel’s surprise with a cute note. Chahat cut the cake and ate it. Chahat kept that marriage certificate frame over there for Neel and went to the hospital as she got an emergency call. Godhambhari went inside from the backdoor and scratched the whole cake with the knife.

Neel came inside saw all the mess and divorce papers over there. Alekh came and manipulated Neel against Chahat. Alekh room him inside to Vyas Ji. Vyas Ji scolded Neel for choosing that girl over your family. Neel was willing to talk with Chahat, but they started forcing Neel to sign on the papers. Neel said I would not sign on these papers until I will hear this from Chahat.

Gazala sent Chahat to another village for an awareness camp. Neel tried to follow the van, but Gazala stopped him by coming in between his way. Neel blamed Gazala for sending these divorce papers. Gazala said Chahat is not willing to stay in that small house. Neel said, if it is like that, then made Chahat sign on these papers first.
Alekh gave a bribe to his trustworthy man to bring the signature of Chahat on that paper without letting her read those papers. Alekh was eagerly waiting for the reaction of Neel after seeing Chahat’s signature on divorce papers. Few children were playing with matchsticks, and one of the matchsticks fell on those papers, and it burnt.

Neel came to Gazala house to search for Chahat. Gazala told Neel that Chahat went far from tout as she didn’t want to stay with you anymore. Alekh thought of marrying Neel to the daughter of that truth worthy man as he was willing to give his property to that person who would marry her daughter.

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