Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Gehna gets some information about the marriage. She says that Urmila expanded the distance between her and Surya with this marriage point. Urmila tells her that she is significant about this since life isn’t a joke. She adds that Agastya is a true hero and Gehna can remain content with him. Gehna lets her that the last option knows to know what is her joy and why she is doing this.

After some time, Surya lets Gehna know that she previously chose to wed Agastya. Gehna asks him who is he to scrutinize her. She says that he never believed her and he embarrassed her generally. Yet she remained close by and she received separately from consequently. She adds that she changed her way since he never strolled alongside her. She advises him that he separated from her for the good of Suhani. She asks him that than for what reason might she at any point wed Agastya for the wellbeing of Urmila. She says that he lost his privileges over her. She asks him to inquire himself and heads inside. Urmila hears their discussion.

The following day, Suhani tells Sakuni that Urmila made their occupation simple. She asks Sikandar where is he going with his baggage. Sikandar tells her that she is loaded up with toxins and she made her kids like her. He says that she made him a fallen angel and isolated him from his better half and child. She asks him what is he talking about. He advises Surya to come on the right track soon. He goes to Gehna’s side to live with Shreya and Kartick. Suhani argues he to not go yet he will not listen to her. Sikandar apologizes to Shreya. She embraces him. Gehna grins seeing that.

Suhani argues for Sikandar to return and she feels unsteady. Surya holds her. Suhani lets him know that Sikandar additionally left her. Urmila insults Suhani. Surya requests that she stop it. Urmila says that Suhani needs to eradicate the parcel line without help from anyone else on the off chance that she needs to live with Sikandar. She reports that this evening Gehna and Agastya’s commitment will occur. She welcomes them for their commitment to service.

Surya takes Suhani to her room. Suhani tells her that Gehna and Urmila grabbed everything from her. She requests that he leave like others. She cries seeing Sikandar’s toys and garments. She lets him know that these were not his things. He gets stunned hearing her. He sees her fever. He goes to call the Doctor. Shreya lets Sikandar know that it will not be simple for her to trust him. He shows his admission letter to her. He says that he believes Arjun should get delivered.

Gehna is going to tumble from the flight of stairs so Surya goes too far and saves her. Surya insults Agastya for not dealing with Gehna. Suhani comes ground floor and questions Surya. She slaps him persistently. He is sorry to her and takes her higher up. Afterward, Gehna prepares. Urmila requests that Gehna eliminate the marital chain. Gehna reviews how Surya made her wear it. What’s more, she eliminates it.

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