Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima lets Agastya know that she cherishes him genuinely. She requests that he not do this commitment. He tells her that he didn’t advise her to adore him. He adds that she knows nothing about him. She requests that he wed her. She says that her affection is enough for them. Furthermore, she will cherish him till the end. He is sorry to her. He tells her that he cherishes Gehna. She lets him know that Gehna loves Surya so he can’t remain content with Gehna.

Urmila and Sarika brings Gehna ground floor. Agastya grins seeing Gehna and he remains alongside her. Kartick asks Shreya for what valid reason Gehna gets connected with Agastya when Surya is there. Surya comes to the first floor. Gehna grins seeing him. Agastya misjudges that Gehna grinned at him. He puts the ring on Gehna’s finger. Everybody applauds.

Surya calls the Doctor. Gehna goes to Surya. He tells her that she is continuing on so she shouldn’t cross the parcel line. She lets him know that she needs to remain with Suhani on account of her humanism. Agastya signals at her. Gehna crosses the parcel line. The Doctor infuses Suhani. He requests that Surya deal with Suhani. Surya and the Doctor leaves from that point.

Suhani recovers her awareness. She confounds Gehna as Urmila. She asks her for what valid reason the last option returned. She says that she will kill her for grabbing her better half and leaving the ill-conceived child with her. Gehna behaves like Urmila. She argues her to acknowledge Surya. Suhani tells her that she can’t stand Surya. She adds that she just kept Surya with her to utilize him. She uncovers how she attempted to kill Urmila. She says that she will kill her and blacks out. Surya hears their discussion.

He reviews how Suhani constrained him to separate from Gehna. And furthermore, the way that Gehna informed him regarding Urmila and Suhani. He lets Gehna know that he can’t confront her. She lets him know that their separation could not have possibly occurred on the off chance that he confided in her. He stoops down before her and he is sorry to her. She lets him know that she excused him as of now.

He tells her that she will become another person’s spouse so he can’t get her. He says that he realizes that Suhani did botches still she is his mom. He adds that he loathes Suhani yet he can’t let her since she is currently. He requests that she wed Agastya. She requests that he not guide her and leaves from that point.

Urmila lets Gehna know that this marriage will occur. Gehna inquires as to whether they are making the best choice. She lets him know that tomorrow Agastya’s folks coming.

The following day, Suhani look through Surya. Sarika comes clean with her which Surya knows so he left her. Suhani says that Surya won’t leave her. She lets Gehna know that the last option grabbed Surya from her. She adds that Surya separated from Gehna and Gehna additionally going to wed Agastya so Gehna can’t remain with Surya.

Gehna asks her that how long the last option can keep Surya with her. Surya says that he will remain with Suhani for deep rooted. He requests that Suhani take rest. He tells her that he went to purchase drugs for herself and he will not go to Gehna’s side. She inquires as to whether he won’t leave her. He tells her that he won’t leave her regardless. She embraces him.

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