Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Surya brings cake for Suhani. He tells her that he is her child so he will satisfy his obligation. Suhani lets him know that she would rather not commend her birthday and she requests that he take the cake from that point. Kartick, Sarika and Shreya come there. They wish a cheerful birthday to Suhani. Kartick requests that Suhani cut the cake. Suhani gets cheerful seeing them. She cut the cake and she takes care of them. She requests that they not go to Gehna. Sarika tells her that Gehna sends them to her.

Shreya says that Gehna’s haldi service going to start and after marriage, Gehna will take off from the house. She adds that they came to observe Suhani’s birthday on the grounds that Gehna needed it and presently they need to return. They leave the room. Suhani says that Gehna didn’t even come to wish her. Surya tells her that Gehna going to turn into Agastya’s better half so why she will come. He adds that Gehna won and leaves the room. She tosses the cake out of resentment.

Gehna’s haldi service starts. Agastya brings haldi. Dada and Dadi prods Agastya. After a few times, Gehna and Surya crash into one another. Gehna lets him know that Sikandar changed and presently it’s Suhani’s move. She requests that he let Suhani know that she won so she can feel significantly improved. She adds that he ought to request that Suhani track down a decent young lady for him. She advises him that he ought to deal with Urmila. Agastya comes there and says that he needs to converse with Gehna alone. Surya leaves from that point.

Agastya tells Gehna that Judge didn’t give a decision yet. Gehna lets him know that Surya will do nothing now. Surya hears their discussion. He believes that he actually gets an opportunity to stop the separation. He meets his Lawyer and requests that he stop the separation. The legal advisor lets him know that today is Saturday so Monday no one but they can meet the Judge. Surya lets him know that tomorrow is Gehna’s marriage. He ponders how might he stop Gehna’s marriage.

The following day, Gehna and Agastya’s sangeet function starts. Dada and Dadi move. Sakuni sees Surya gazing Gehna. She asks him what he needs. He says that he needs Gehna. He understands what he said and he leaves from that point. Shreya and Sarika move. Gehna moves around Agastya. Sakuni says that she is unmarried still yet Gehna getting hitched for the third time. Surya breaks the glass. Sakuni gets stressed seeing that. She requests that Riddhima bring medical aid box.

Urmila takes Gehna from that point to apply mehndi. Gehna requests that the mehndi craftsman compose ‘A’ on her hand. Surya advises Gehna that he needs to converse with her alone. She lets him know that he is her ex so she can’t converse with him alone. Agastya requests that Gehna converses with Surya since he trusts her. Surya goes to the patio and Gehna follows him.

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