Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Judge inquires as to whether the most recent half-year helped them. Surya lets him know that he found out such a great amount about affection and connections in these a half year. He says that he needs to live with Gehna. Suhani asks him what is he talking about. He tells her that he can’t survive without Gehna.

She lets him know that on the off chance that he can’t survive without Gehna then she additionally can’t survive without him. She attempts to end it all and it goes out to Surya’s creative mind. The judge advises Surya that the court is prepared to give him an additional opportunity to think. Surya lets him know that he chose to separate from Gehna.

Gehna reviews how Surya chose Suhani generally. The judge gets some information about her choice. She lets him know that she likewise needs separate. Judge says that the court acknowledges their allure and from this point forward they are not a couple formally. Suhani gets cheerful hearing him. Everybody leaves from that point with the exception of Surya and Gehna. They review the minutes they imparted to one another ( Do buddy melody plays behind the scenes ).

Suhani lets Gehna know that the last option reserved no privileges to remain in Seth’s chateau. Riddhima lets Sakuni know that in the event that Gehna separated from Surya, she can wed Agastya now. Urmila tells Suhani that Gehna is her girl and her little girl will live with her. Suhani consumes Gehna’s stuff which shocks Surya. She says that she is happy that Surya is free of the relationship now.

Surya tells her that she can’t remove Gehna from his heart. He says that Suhani got her child yet his heart actually cherishes Gehna. He argues her to eliminate his heart. She lets him know that he just separated from Gehna. He tells her that he separated from Gehna on the grounds that the last option needed it. He says that he can’t leave her and Gehna would rather not leave Urmila.

After some time, Sikandar goes to Surya’s room. He requests that he adjust his perspective before it gets so late. He says that Surya shouldn’t have left Gehna. Surya lets him know that the last option likewise prompted him against Gehna. Sikandar apologizes to him for his slip-up. He says that he doesn’t believe Kartick should endure due to his slip-ups. He adds that Suhani was his associate.

Surya won’t trust him. He says that Sikandar can’t blame Suhani like this since he needs to get back to his significant other and child. He adds that everybody can leave Suhani yet he won’t leave her. Sikandar requests that he distrust Suhani and leaves the room.

Urmila assembles everybody in the lobby. She gives the marriage greeting card of Gehna and Agastya to Suhani. Surya gets stunned seeing that. Others additionally get stunned including Gehna. Urmila says that Gehna is her obligation so she took this choice. Suhani praises Gehna for her third marriage. Urmila requests that Suhani goes to Gehna’s marriage. Surya tears the marriage greeting card and heads inside.

Upcoming story – Suhani lets Gehna know that the last’s discoursed are great yet she can’t separate her from Surya. She advises her that the last option is separated from Surya and she will wed Agastya. Gehna asks her how long Suhani can keep Surya with her. Surya says that long-lasting he will remain with Suhani.

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