Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 10 April 2022 weekly

We saw that Gehna is in dilemma. Abhay locked her inside and goes to do the operation. Gehna rushes to the operation theatre and told Surya that everything is fake. Suhani feels relaxed. Gehna Apologies to Surya and said that she wants to expose Suhani in front of him. Suhani manipulates Surya when Surya calls Praful and asked him for his investment. Praful said that he will help him.

Later, Surya goes to Desai’s house and asks for help. Praful said that arranged two crores for him. Surya said that he needs more. Gehna comes to know that Surya is in Desai’s house and leaves for there. Praful signs on the mortgage papers. Surya’s plans get successful.

After all this, Baa calls the priest and said that something is happening badly with Surya. The priest said that Gehna has to step on the stairs on her feet. Baa asked him to give another option. The priest asked them to do a milk bath. After all this, Gehna goes to the temple and did what the priest said. Surya saw her and thinks about what she wanted. Gehna faints where Surya holds her. Kanak told Suhani that Surya is in Desai’s house. Suhani brings an ambulance there and asked Surya to come with her.

Later, Surya said that she shouldn’t come there like this. Suhani said that she was worried. Suhani is in a parlor where she talks about Gehna. Swara was there and listens to her talk. Later, she comes into her house and pretends that she loves Gehna. Swara shakes hands with Suhani and said that she wants to destroy Gehna. Suhani asked her to do whatever she wants.

Later, Surya saw that Gehna’s sister Swara is playing against her. He feels lucky to have them in his life and thanks Suhani. Suhani looks on. Swara tries to get close to Surya. Gehna said that she is like this and asked Surya to Ignore her. Swara plans to take Surya.

After all this, Gehna organized a birthday party for Surya and makes him feel special when Suhani forgets his birthday. Gehna told Dadi that Surya should know that his mother doesn’t love him. Surya feels bad for herself and thinks that Suhani forgets his birthday. Suhani said that her one son is in prison how could she celebrate. Gehna said that she forgets another son. Gehna celebrates his birthday. Surya gets happy.

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