Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 13 March 2022 weekly

We saw that Gehna comes to Sikander and said that she knows what happened that night. Sikander feels regret to leave her alive and thinks who told him about this. Gehna comes home where Kanak told Baa that Hema’s sister is coming so she need Anant’s room where Baa asks her to keep her in guest room. Gehna goes to meet Surya friend and collect some proof against him. Sikander comes to know and asks the goons to kill her.

After bomb blast, Gehna is in hospital where she fights for her life. Surya feels something and thinks about Gehna. Surya tries to talk to Gehna where Sikander comes home and said that he did this. Sikander said that he wanted to kill Gehna. Dadi says that he has to pay for this. Sikander locks them inside the house. Gehna tries to find out the proof where Gehna copy the video in her phone.

Later, Gehna comes to know that Anant wanted to kill her. She gets break down and thinks that he wanted to kill her. Praful Apologize to Gehna where Gehna goes to her room. Baa prays for Gehna where Gehna said that she doesn’t talk to god anymore. Baa asks her to have faith. Gehna and Praful leaves for court where Kanak plans to do something.

After all this, Sikander sends goons to kill Gehna where surya is waiting for her inside the court. Kanak said to Hema that Gehna can’t reach at court. Gehna fights with goons and said that public only see the fight and can’t help anyone where public helps Gehna. The judge asks Surya to give this case to another one. Surya said that he doesn’t need any lawyer. Sikander looks on.

Gehna comes to the court when the judge gives his decision . Sikander gets Shocked to see her. Gehna says that she can prove that Kabir is Surya and Sikander is real Kabir. Surya asked her not to do anything but Gehna shows her proof. Gehna said that she wants some voice detector and proves that Sikander is Kabir. Gehna asks Suhani to come in the witness box and asks some questions where Gehna said that Surya is hiding her identity to save Sikander.

Later, Gehna won the case but Surya is not happy. Dadi welcomes Surya and gives blessings to Gehna. Suhani gets angry and said that Gehna destroy her house. Later, Surya and Dadi comes to Desai’s house and asks Gehna’s hand for Surya. Surya siad that he loves her and asks her to say yes for marraige.

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