Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 17 April 2022 weekly

We saw Suhani torturing Gehna and putting the kill on the floor. Gehna got injured. Gehna brings juice for everyone and is about to fall. Dadi asks what happened to her. Gehna says that she got injured last night due to a kill. Surya says that is why she is doing this. Gehna said who will do this. Surya says that Kanak will cook the food. Surya ask Gehna to take rest. Gehna puts water on Surya mistakenly. They share a close moment and get happy. Suhani is talking to Sikander and asks him if Surya is angry at her because she forgets his birthday. He says that Surya is an adopted child and she will use it for bringing him back. Gehna listens and gets Shocked. Suhani comes to check who was there. Gehna comes to check Suhani’s room and tries to find out the adoption paper. She got the paper and thinks that they are using Surya.

Later, Gehna stops Surya from signing the paper and told him that he is not her real son. Surya gets shocked. Suhani comes and asks Surya if he needs proof and throws the paper at him. She shows him everything and pretends to be emotional. Suhani shows him pictures and told him his story. She comes to him and says that he thinks that she is doing drama. She shows his birth certificate to him. Suhani asks him to check and says that he is her son. Gehna tries to say something but Suhani says that she shows a fake certificate to him and makes him against her. Kanak comes to Swara and says that she did very good drama. She shows videos to her but Swara says that she left Pankaj. Kanak gets angry. Swara offers to become friends with Kanak. Kanak says that she wants the property and Swara says that she wants Surya. They shake hand and looks on.

After all this, Swara puts someone’s purse in Gehna’s bag. The police caught Gehna and put her inside the prison. Kanak comes and shows videos to Gehna that Swara is going close with Surya. Gehna gets shocked and asks Kanak to help. Gehna asks Swara not to do this. Swara said that she will snatch her husband.

Later, Gehna runs to Surya’s room and gets shocked to see them together. The Police come into the house. Suhani asks what happened. The police say that someone calls them to come. Surya asks who called him here. Gehna said that she called him here. Gehna asks them to arrest Swara as she molested her husband. The police said that a girl molested Surya. Swara asks them to help but Surya takes her side. Surya asks him to leave Swara. Surya says that Gehna is insecure about Swara and if there is anything between them then they will handle it. Dadi asks Surya if she should side before seeing him like this. The police warn Gehna not to do this again. Gehna gets Shocked and feels upset. Gehna asks Suhani what she lost today. She says that she can’t win against her. Suhani says that she loves Sikander more than Surya and can do anything with Surya for Sikander. Suhani says that her last plan will break her.

Gehna shows proof to Dadi. Dadi asks her to show it to Surya but Gehna says that she will not do anything. She says after exposing Suhani in front of Surya she will leave this house forever. She said that she lost everything after coming here. Dadi looks on. The goons come Inside and ask Suhani why Sikander destroyed his business. Suhani says that how could she brings a big amount. The attacks Suhani. Gehna comes to save her. Gehna asks them not to harm Suhani. Swara and Kanak decide to do something. Kanak puts the light off. Swara cuts the rope. They start fighting while they shot Suhani. Suhani gets injured. Gehna tries to fight with them. They run from there. Gehna goes inside and sees Suhani. She puts clothes on her wounds. Surya comes the. Kanak lied to Surya about Gehna. They told him that Gehna shot Suhani. Kanak said that Gehna shot Suhani m Surya gets Shocked. Surya saw blood.

After all this, Surya takes Gehna to the forest and leaves there. The doctor asked Surya if he should thank Gehna for bringing Suhani on time. Dadi asked him not to trust a stranger and asks him to listen to his heart. Swara brings Goons to the forest and asks him to kill Gehna. The Police come to Surya and asks him that Gehna filed a complaint against the killers. Surya goes to find Gehna.

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