Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 22 May 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw that Surya decides to leave Gehna. Urmila listens to everything and leaves from there. Gehna asks him to listen to her once. Gehna says that he regrets the last. Gehna asks him if he loves her then why he can’t trust her. Surya says that he trusts his mother. Surya locks the door. They get emotional and Cries. Gehna asks him to think about their vows. Surya says that he remembered everything but he can’t insult his mother. They remember their marriage together. Gehna says to God why he always does this with her. She says that if he is checking her patience level then she will not lose anything. Gehna says that she is not like before. Urmila calls Gehna and Apologizes to Gehna for Surya’s behavior. Gehna says that divorce will happen and she will make them together. Dada and Dadi get happy with Gehna’s decision.

Gehna challenge Suhani that divorce will not happen. Suhani gives money to the lawyer and asks him to do it fast. She says that she wants their divorce anyhow. Suhani looks on. The lawyer said that he will divorce her. Later, Gehna meets with her friend Agastya. Gehna gets happy to see him. Gehna says what he is doing here. Agastya said that he is joining the famous lawyer and teased Gehna for giving the lecture.

Suhani asks Surya not to overthink and asks Surya to sign the papers. Surya looks at the paper and keeps it on another side. Surya says that he can’t do this. Suhani makes him understand that he is the only one who manages this house after Sikander. Surya signs the paper. Dada sees Surya and Dadi Shouts in pain. Surya comes outside. Surya asks Dadi not to go out. Dadi says that she prays for him and has to distribute food to orphans.

Surya is signing the paper and recalls Suhani’s words. Surya is thinking and gets tensed. Gehna is seeing nightmare and runs from there. She gets hurt and runs toward Surya. Everyone comes there and sees Gehna. Gehna reached to the Surya. Gehna says that he is alright and faints. Surya asks what happened. Surya takes her down. Surya asks her to wake up. Shreya brings water for her. Surya asks what happened with her. Gehna says that she faints because she feels weird.

Everyone is having breakfast but Gehna is not feeling like eating. Dadi offers her to eat pickles and Paratha. Gehna agreed to eat. Surya serves her. Gehna leaves from there where Shreya asks her to take a rest. Gehna says that she is going to the hospital for a checkup. Dada and Dadi are preparing for someone to come. Suhani asks Dadi if this is the truth. Dadi says yes. Suhani faints when she gets scared of hearing her news. Dadi and Dada laugh.

Gehna and Shreya laugh. Gehna asks for more pickles and said that Suhani is Shocked after knowing this. Shreya asks her not to worry. Gehna says that they are making fun of pregnancy. Gehna says that she feels this pain already. Shreya says that everything will be fine. Gehna is knitting the socks. Dadi teases Gehna. Gehna says that she is doing it for her friend’s baby. Surya leaves from there and gets stuck in the wool. Gehna falls Surya holds her. They look at each other. Sarika removed the wool. Agastya told Gehna that the hearing is in three days and she has to prepare for it. Gehna gets tensed. Agastya asks her to give him proof against Suhani and asks her not to worry. Gehna looks on.

Suhani is on the tap and gets Shocked to see red water. Suhani gets scared. Gehna comes and asks what happened with her. Gehna checks the tap and sees water. Suhani puts the knife there. Gehna comes and sees the knife. Surya is about to put her legs on the knife but Gehna saved him. Surya asks who keeps the knife here. Surya takes care of Gehna. Gehna thinks about how much he runs away from her but he still loves him. Suhani is sleeping where Suhani feels something weird. Urmila asks Suhani that Surya’s child kill her. Suhani gets scared and remembered god. She sees Urmila and gets Shocked.

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