Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 24 April 2022 weekly

We saw that Surya leaves Gehna in the forest. He comes to know that Gehna didn’t do anything wrong. He goes to find her and finds her on the tree. He gets shocked, and Gehna to up. Swara refused to give money to the goons and asked him to bring Gehna’s dead body. The goons go to find Gehna and ask Surya to leave her. Surya fights with them and saves Gehna. Gehna said that she is leaving and never came back to him. She goes to Desai’s house and asks Paresh to bring some clothes for her. Paresh gets shocked to see her condition. Gehna told him everything.

Later, Suhani asks Surya to do anything and release Sikander as soon as possible. Suhani says that Sikander will die if he lives there for more time.
Surya is thinking about Sikander and comes down. He saw that Suhani is doing her funeral. Surya asks her not to do anything. Suhani said that he doubts them. She says that he was the last hope but he believes in Gehna. Surya asks everyone to go and Apologize to Suhani. Baa feeds Gehna and asks her to eat healthily. Hema comes and thinks to reveal Gehna’s truth. Hema pushes Gehna from the stairs. Baa gets Shocked.

Hema asks Baa if Gehna wants to say something. Gehna is about to say something but Hema asks her to say the truth. Hema told Baa that Gehna is not pregnant. Hema asks Gehna to tell everyone the truth. Paresh said that he knows everything and ask her to listen to her once. Gehna is about to say anything but the people come and ask Praful to leave the house soon. Gehna gets Shocked to know about Surya. She asks why he gave money to Surya. She calls Surya. Hema curses Gehna and said that she will never be happy. Everyone gives their jewelry and accessories to them. They take Baa’s nuptial chain and try to snatch it. Praful gets a heart attack and everyone gets Shocked.

Gehna goes to Surya’s house and shouts at him. Surya asks her to Apologise to Suhani. She recalls her promise to Baa and Apologizes to Suhani. Surya asks her to sit on her knees and then Apologizes. Suhani feels happy. She Apologize to Suhani and said that she accepts that everything is her mistake. She touches her nose on her legs. Surya asks her to say it loudly. Gehna requests Surya to save Praful. Surya asks her to go to the Police station and asks them that she did Anant’s murder. Suhani asks Gehna why Surya promised this to her. Surya asks Gehna if she wants to see Praful wellness then she has to release Sikander. Suhani praises Surya.

Later, Surya gives money to the doctor and asks him to keep this information confidential. Paresh said that he arranged some amount. Pankaj asks he also arranged something. The nurse takes Praful to the operation theatre. The man gives house papers to Baa and Apologizes for misbehavior. Kanak comes there and asks Baa about Gehna. Baa gets Shocked to know about Gehna and breaks down. Sikander reached home and gets happy. Everyone welcomes him. Suhani did Arti of Sikander and welcomes him.Surya comes to meet Gehna. Gehna said that she doesn’t want to meet him. Surya told everything to Gehna and said that he gave money to Praful. He also said that he returned to their house. Gehna asks him to go and take betrayed by his family. Gehna said that she is dead because of him. She asks him to leave and said that she doesn’t want to see his face again. Sikander hugs Surya and said that he is his brother. Sikander said where he was. Surya says that he goes for the treatment of Praful and returned everything to them. Sikander asks why he returned everything and asks him to think like a businessman. Surya says that he will never support anything wrong.

After all this, Surya feels bad for Gehna and thinks to apologize to him. Baa comes to meet Gehna and gets emotional. Surya asks Sikander if he wants to join the company. Sikander decided to do something. He goes to meet Gehna and asks her if he will kill Surya tomorrow.

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