Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 8 May 2022 weekly

We saw that Gehna asks Baa that a mother can kill her son. Baa said that if a son is not her then she can kill him. Gehna goes to find the sample and wanted to check the DNA test. She gives the sample in lab and asks him to check. Gehna is taking care of Surya. They comes home. Suhani welcomes Surya.

Later, Gehna comes to know that Suhani’s DNA doesn’t match with Surya. She gets Shocked and try to find out the truth. Suhani is pampering Surya so that he will bring Sikander. Gehna think to tell the truth to Surya but she doesn’t have proof. She saw nightmare that Suhani shot Surya. Everyone gathers there for Surya’s father death anniversary.

After all this, Gehna saw a lady who keeps the letter there. Gehna think’s who she was. The Police comes there and asks Gehna that he found a culprit who gives poison to Surya. The Police said that Gehna’s fingerprint is on the bottle. They takes her to the Police station.

After all this, Shreya release Gehna and told her that she keeps poison there and explains everything. Gehna gets Shocked. Later, Gehna come home and recalls the letter. Suhani comes there and thinks who helped Gehna. Gehna comes down but the letter stick in Suhani’s sleeper. Suhani reads it and throws it.

Gehna takes the letter and stick all the pieces and comes to know that she has to go to temple. Suhani comes to meet the helper but the woman hides herself. Surya hits the woman and takes her home. Gehna meets her and thinks that the truth will reveal now.

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