Sasural Simar Ka 2 29 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Simar requests that Ishita appropriate the prasad. Badima returns the headphones to Ishita and recommends her to venerate God with commitment, not with assumption. Ishita ignored her words. Chitra propounds the possibility of an ideal little girl in regulation to Ishita.

She says that one-day Ishita would become the ideal Bahu of this home and give mental fortitude to advance. Geetanjali sneers and prescribes Ishita to join Simar’s music class to learn reflection arati melody. Geetanjali gathers Aarav and Vivaan. Reema gets out from the home to meet Rudra. Being desirous Ishita spread the oil of the light to make the floor elusive. Simar descends and loses her equilibrium. Out of nowhere Aarav comes and advances his hand to save Simar’s head.

Incidentally, the fallen light consolidates the fire through the spreading oil and Chitra bursts into flames. She shirlls in dread. Ishita’s scheme messes up everything.

In the meantime Reema is getting late Rudra actually sits tight for him in the lodging. Some way or another Simar saves Chitra and Aarav douses the fire by tossing the heavenly water of matarani. Everybody attempt to quiet her however she panicks. Badima shouts at her, and Chitra gets her nerves. Badima favors Simar as she saves Chitra from foreboding circumstance. Be that as it may, Chitra and Ishita the two faults Simar for the connivance and requests that Badima rebuff Simar. In any case, Reema and Sandhya upholds Simar as she was not genuinely blameworthy. Reema passes on the home to give the reason to call the specialist.

Aarav finds out if she is alright or not. Simar comes to the room with the turmeric glue to calm Chitra. Badima says Chitra says that Chitra is fortunate as she is being sanitized by Simar and Aarav. Simar shares with Ishita to be more concern when she attempts to hurt somebody, since she might hurt her nearby one. Ishita says she will rub Chitra with the turmeric glue. Then she wonders whether or not to place her fingers in the bowl. Simar wants her to be an ideal bahu.

Reema arrives at the lodging first the possibility that Rudra leaves without the gathering. Then Rudra shows up, subsequent to seeing him she gets energized and embraces him. Reema is approached to go with him in the air terminal. Badima and Simar examine about the intrigue.

Badima comprehends this was intended to hurt Simar. She lashes out on Ishita. In any case, Simar attempts to quiet her. She says this might be a mishap. Badima prohibits her to save Ishita. Simar guarantees that oneday she will make herself companion to Ishita. Ishita becomes frustrated about the trick which turns intoa a mishap. Chitra says she will accompany her. Again Ishita plans to hurt her.

Reema is shocked by Rudra to get a great gladly received. She is approached to shut her eyes. Rudra shows the hoding of Reema which is hanged in the air terminal street. Again Reema embraces Rudra. Two youngsters gift Reema a rose container and a flight ticket. Reema sees that this is a Mumbai flight ticket. She is demanded to go Mumbai by Rudra.

Rudra shows the fantasy about being renowned. Reema envisions about her future achievement. Again Rudra tempts Reema to get into a relationship and achievement. Reema says that she didn’t accompany the readiness however Rudra advances her hand. Reema acknowledges his proposition. Seeing them together the driver of Reema calls Vivan. They are being checked via air terminal police.

Vivaan,Simar and Aarav arrive at the air terminal. Simar becomes strained. They begin to look through Reema in their own particular manner. However, they don’t find. Vivaan frustrated.