Sasural Simar Ka 2 9 March 2022 written update: Will Gajander get his memory back?

At the beginning of the episode, Aarav thanked her for the wonderful moment. He told her that this moment will be memorable for all of us and from where she got this idea. Simar says she got a photograph in which they were wearing the same outfit so she asked about it Sandhya. Simar says hope so he remembers about his past life.

Chitra was telling Giriraaj that this would be Simar’s plan. Gitanjali Devi came talking with Rajander and get’s shocked seeing all these arrangements. She stares at Simar and she leaves from there stealing her eyes. They all took a few selfies and Simar brought the cake. Gitanjaali praised Rajander for this Idea. He said it was all Simar’s plan.

Sandhya was asking Gajander if he remembers anything by showing a ring. She told him that he bought this for her from his first salary. Gajander was trying to remember but he wasn’t able to recall anything. Sandhya asked if he remember who gave him his first salary. Gajander puts pressure on his mind and says, mom. Everyone gets happy and thought he is slowly recalling everything. Chitra tells Giriraj that Simar’s plan is working. Simar helps Gajander in expressing his feelings towards Sandhya.

Aditi imagines Gagan coming to meet her and said no one can part us now. He kissed her forehead. Suddenly she realized it was her imagination. Gajander and Sandhya exchanges their ring and everyone claps. Then they both blow candles and cut the cake. Simar tells Aarav that their plan is working. Suddenly Simar saw Aarav was holding her hand unknowingly. As soon as he saw he left her hand. Sandhya hugs Gajander and thanks to God that he remembering everything. Gajander moves Sandhya aside. Sandhya asked what happened he only said that he remembers everything. Sandhya started forcing him to recall everything. Gajander calls Simar and left from there. Sandhya was upset as he didn’t recall everything.

Rajender tells Sandhya not to force him like this as he is not totally well. He told her that doing this it can affect his health. Gitanjali Devi tells Rajender to fix a meeting with the neurologist. Aarav tells Simar that the effort was worth what if he doesn’t recall everything. Simar says it has just started. Simar went to Sandhya and told her not to lose hope we will do something else just to need everyone’s support.