Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, their is a ramp walk of Oswaal female members. Aditi, Sandhya, Roma, Indu, Reema, Simar and Badima flaunt their beauty and glamour. Ishita becomes vexed with their circustic attitude. Reema takes over position of the anchor and praises Badima as a driving force of Indian tradition. How Badima shows the fusion of Indian style. Initially Reema announces Simar as winner.

On Ishita’s protest, Simar reminds how she successfully qualified two rounds to maintain the tradition and culture. Simar is prized by a grand toffee. Ishita burns inside to see her winner. Simar also acknowledges the contribution of her family, and shares the prize with everyone of Oswal family.

Badima rebukes to Ishita for her desperation and acknowledges the acceptances of judges and audience. She praises Simar how she turned impossible to possible thing. Badima reminds Ishita to seek the forgiveness to bow down. Badima asks Ishita to ask apology as she failed to accept the traditional decorum, but Simar successfully completed the competition with modest modernism. Ishita goes to bow down and asks apology to Simar as she underestimated the tradition. Simar utters that, it’s not necessary to be sorry, but she should understand the true value. She examples the Draupadi Murmu and Priyanaka Chopra. She praises both for their simple living with higher thinking. How Indian females are optimistic and adaptive in every field. Simar gives a visionary leadership how our future generation would be guided with our own taste and generosity.

Badima again adores her wise lecture. Badima vibrantly tells everyone to follow the path of Simar. She declares Oswal family as a temple which is formed by Simar. They hold their hands with each other and show the sign of victory. To the end of the competition, Simar suddenly gets a look of Kavya and confuses about her advent. Suddenly the pain of pregnancy is triggered off of Aditi. Everyone comes to handle her chutti critical situation.

Ishita drinks more and more glasses of alcohol to pacify her. But she screams and outrages. Pallavi tries to calm her but Ishita yells to herself. She can’t accept her defeat. Chitra comes and sees Ishita as intoxicated.
Simar tries to search Kavya. Kavya and Riyansh argue again about their bygone days. But Kavya makes him known that she is bearing Riyansh’s child in her womb. Riyansh becomes vexed and gets nervous. Riyansh says to manage the situation by her herself. Kavya

Ishita boozes so much that she loses her mental santity. She starts to blabber inebriated condition. Chitra warns Pallavi and Ishita to control her behaviour to remind the restriction of Oswaal family. Aditi is admitted in the hospital. Doctor assures her healthy condition and discharges her. Suddenly Simar sees Riyansh coming from the gynac room. She runs behind him but they disappear. She becomes puzzled. Simar calls Riyansh but he cuts the phone. Being confused, Simar calls Ishita to know the truth but Ishita blabbers for her tipsy state. Simar remain beloved bemused.