Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 1 May 2022 weekly

Last week we saw Vivan, Reema, and Aditi came to Aarav- Simar. They asked them to come with us for a surprise. They decorated the rooftop with lights and balloons. Aarav thanked everyone for the surprise. Vivan says they both are special. He told them we will spend some time together and play cards. Suddenly Reema gets a call. Vivan told her to attend it. Reema excuses herself from there to attend the call. Sandy tells Reema that the producer is ready to take money from the other model. Reema asked why he is doing like this. Sandy told her that married women are not much glamourous. Reema asked for the producer’s number to talk with him. Devesh cuts the call. Reema started panicking.

Simar was a little nervous. Aarav told him not to worry today is the best day to talk on this topic. Simar get’s a call from Samar. He asked why she didn’t come to meet him at the studio. Simar asked him to give some time later he will come there. Dhami went to meet Samar. She told him that she knows how much he loves Simar. Dhami says she left you and chose a simple life. Samar asked why she has come here? Dhami says she came here to shake hands with him. Samar said he don’t know her and only saw her once with Simar. Dhami says she will help him in getting Simar.

Dhami went to Gitanjaali Devi seek her blessings. Gitanjali Devi say’s she is aware of her behavior, she just need attention. Dhami say’s it’s not like that. Gitanjali Devi say’s nothing hides from her. Gitanjaali Devi ask why she is not married yet. Dhami says she didn’t get a man like Aarav. Gitanjaali asked how long she will stay here. She says till Aarav’s wedding. Gitanjali get’s shocked hearing this. She ask what she wants to say. Dhami says last time they didn’t get the blessings of elder’s. She tells Gitanjaali that Simar also wants that she should get blessings for tge entire family. Gitanjaali Devi also thinks of there marriage again with all the rituals.

Gitanjali Devi ask Avinash if he could forgive her. Avinash says just give him the blessing. He says from today we are starting a new relationship so we shouldn’t start like this. Gitanjali Devi says she got her favorite daughter-in-law Simar. Indu and Avinash were little surprised. Gitanjali Devi say’s if she won’t be there then god knows what all has happened to her family. Avinash says after listening to this he is feeling good. Gitanjali Devi ask Simar yo bring water. Gitanjali Devi was about to wash Simar’s feet but Simar stopped her.

Dhami came there and say’s she will let him know everything. Simar stopped her from coming inside the house. Dhami says she came up with good news and she is stopping her. Simar says these western clothes are not appropriate for the ritual. Dhami says she is a little bit modern so don’t judge being a woman itself. Simar says she is not narrow-minded but she should have a common sense what to wear for Puja. Dhami was thinking that Simar has no idea what is going to happen to her. She says soon Simar will go far from Aarav. Simar tells Gitanjaali Devi that their love is true and they won’t be able to live without each other. Reema and Roma to join Simar. They all three of them join hands in front of Gitanjali Devi.

Aditi also apologizes to Gitanjali for disobeying. Simar tells Gitanjaali to forgive them as they are aware of their mistake. Gitanjali Devi says now hear her decision. She decided that Aarav and Simar won’t get married. Everyone was stunned after hearing this. Gajander was saying something but she says let her complete. Then she says before them Aditi and Gagan will get married in court. Everyone was happy to hear this.

Aarav was telling Simar let’s go home. Dhami stops Simar and say’s today’s food was awesome. Sandhya came there and told Aarav that he will go with him back but Simar will stay here till marriage. Aarav says she is already married to her. Sandhya ask if he wants to know the logic. Aarav say’s he will be back soon. Sandhya thanked Dhami for giving this idea.

Samar tells Simar that soon we will launch our music. He asks if her family doesn’t have any objection. Simar excuses from there without saying anything. On the other hand, Dhami slept beside Aarav while he was sleeping. Aarav opens his eyes and get’s shocked seeing Dhami next to him. He asks her to leave the room. Dhami was telling him that she will stay with him forever not like Simar. Aarav told her to leave his house just now. He says he doesn’t want to meet her again and there was a reason. Dhami says she thought it was just a mistake. Aarav says that was the past and everything is changed. Dhami tells him that nothing is changed she still loves him. Aarav says he is Simar’s husband and there is no place for the third person.

What Gitanjali Devi will do next?

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