Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 10 April 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw  Gajander coming out of his room and roaming around. He remembers what exactly happened in the temple with him. The servant saw Gajander and called out everyone. Everyone rushed and gathered over there. Aarav was happy to see Gajander walking on his own. Giriraaj was packing his bag. Chitra told him not to worry, he won’t get his memory back so easily.

Gajander told everyone that Gagan’s pistol was empty and Simar knows everything. Aarav asked really? Gajander says to call Simar she knows everything. Sandhya says this means Simar was not lying. Aarav said we didn’t trust her and blamed an innocent. Gajander ask where is Simar? Gitanjali Devi says we dragged her out of the house. Gajander says he is alive because of Simar. He asked them to call her back. Sandhya says my daughter-in-law was not wrong. Aarav says we did a big mistake. Vivan, Aditi, Reema, and Sandhya told Aarav to bring her back. Aarav leaves.

Giriraj and Chitra were planning how deny all allegations of Gajander. Chitra says Simar shouldn’t come back to this house. Giriraj said if Simar reaches to court he would definitely get jailed. Gitanjali Devi told the police officer to arrest Giriraaj. The police officer took Giriraj along with them. Chitra tells him not to worry she will do something. Giriraj told her to make sure Simar don’t come back or else they won’t be safe.

Gitanjali Devi telling Vivan not to cry. She tells him we all know he is innocent more than a child. She told him not to feel alone we all are with him. Gajander said he equal to Aarav and Aditi. Aditi tells Vivan not to think much he is our heartbeat. Vivan said he has done a mistake by doubting Simar. He told Aarav to bring Simar he wants to apologize.

Reema tells Chitra not to show fake tears as everything is visible on her face. She told her to get lost from here with her loser face. On the other hand, Sandhya says Simar did a lot for us. Aarav was thinking about where is Simar he wants to apologize. Aarav apologies to God for humiliating Simar. He prays to god to get Simar back he is not able to find. Simar withdraws money from the bank and Aarav get’s a notification. He informed everyone that Aarav is on her way to Vaishno Devi as she withdrew money from the joint account. Gajander tells Aarav to go and bring her as her statement will be needed in court.

Reema and Sandhya went shopping. Someone was clicking Reema’s pictures. Suddenly she spotted him clicking her photos. Reema asked the boy why he was taking her photos without her permission. He tells Reema that he wanted to cast her. Reema gets happy. He introduced himself as a director and said he is shooting for a music video. Reema was doubting him. He gave his card to her and said she can check. Reema was thinking god fulfilled her dream.

Chitra spotted Simar and thought he won’t let Aarav and Simar meet. Simar went inside and prays for the family. Aarav was also standing there at some distance. Chitra was worrying what if they come across each other. Samar was searching for Simar. Chitra distracts Aarav and over there Samar took Simar with him. Aarav was surprised to see Chitra over there. Chitra says let’s come out and talk. Aarav said it’s nice to see her let’s go together. Simar was passing by and Chitra tells Aarav to look something fell into her eyes. Aarav asked what she is doing over here. Chitra said what happened in the house was not right so she came here for the wellness of our family. Aarav said Giriraj would be published and he came here to take Simar along with him. Chitra lied that she saw Simar downside.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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