Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 20 March 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw Aarav telling Gitanjaali Devi that he gave permission to Vivan for playing music. He tells Gitanjaali Devi that we all are aware of the rules and regulations but we did this for Gajander only. Chitra tells Giriraaj that always Simar’s name is taken in this house whether she is there or not. She says this house is sure “Simar ka sasural”.  Gitanjali Devi was thinking that she can’t resist Simar as she reminds her of that lady. Aarav ask who? Gitanjali Devi says Simar is just like that lady. He again asked about whom she is speaking? Gitanjali Devi says she doesn’t hate her but she is scared of that girl. Aarav says he won’t go anywhere leaving her. Gitanjali Devi started shivering and says her black magic can make you do anything. Aarav promised her that she won’t do anything over here.

Simar took an oath that she won’t leave singing at any cost. There Aarav told Gitanjali Devi that Simar won’t practice her music in this house. Gitanjali says she belive her very much. Yamini thought that now everything will happen according to her. She called Samar and told him that it’s time to come back. Samar says he doesn’t want to remember anything. Yamini said she wants that Samar back whose voice was so melody. Samar says he doesn’t have any reason to come back. Yamini says if Simar would be the reason?

Giriraj was preparing poison for Gajander. Chitra came there and asked what he is doing. He told her that now he will give this poison to Gajander as now all the medicine will come to him first. Chitra praised him for his plan. Giriraaj say we can throw Simar out of this house through this.

Simar was doing the Aarti. Gitanjali Devi was standing behind her and watching her. As soon as Simar turned she left from there. Then Simar served coffee to Gitanjali Devi which she liked. Simar was doing all the household work perfectly through which she was a little impressed. Aarav came to Gitanjali Devi and say’s he wanted to ask something. Gitanjali Devi says he might be thinking how much acting this girl can do. Aarav asked if misunderstood something that day. Gitanjali Devi says what magic she knows that Aarav changes his mind over a night.

Simar came across Samar and get’s little shocked. Jogi ji tells Yamini that he is not getting anything. Yamini says now it’s time to play and unfortunately we have to use Simar. She tells Jogi ji that Gitanjal Devi have to pay for everything.  Reeam came across Devesh and gets scared seeing him alive. Yamini tells Simar that this contract might be the solution of all problem. Simar says without asking Aarav she won’t accept this. Yamini says he won’t have any objection so accept it. Simar says she can’t tell anything without asking him. Simar left from there. Samar says he will ve waiting.

Devesh was telling Reema that she left a lot of proof before leaving him to die. Reema asks what he is trying to say. Devesh showed him the photographs which he took while Reema was unconscious. Reema get’s furious and torn those photo’s. Devesh said he can make too many copies of it as he is having a backup. Simar came there and saw those photographs. Reema was telling Simar not to miss understood. Simar told her not to say anything. Devesh said Reema ruined his career and left him for die so he want everything back. He blackmails them to do what he is saying or else he post these photos. Simar curses Devesh for creating a negative environment for womens. Simar say’s we have to change this or else people like this won’t let girl’s achieve there ambition. She told him to get one thing very clear that men and women both are equally powerful. Devesh say’s he is not here to fight but this Oswal’s had ruined his life.

Devesh reveals that he only made Aarav an intoxicator when they parted there ways and this was also there planning. Then he showed them a vedio in which Mohit was talking to Chitra and Giriraj. He reveals that they planned to kill Aarav in an accident