Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 22 May 2022 weekly

Last week we saw Yamini ask why she didn’t come for the recording. Simar told her that she won’t work with him because he crossed his limits. Yamini says she has signed a contract with him. Simar said she will find a solution for it but she won’t come for the recording. Yamini said they have to come and talk. Simar said not today because we are celebrating Gitanjaali Devi’s birthday. Suddenly Gitanjali Devi came and asked whom she is telling about her birthday. Simar was about to tell her about the recording but Reema came to take Gitanjali Devi for the next surprise. All the family members give a surprise to Gitanjali Devi by praising her for the care and love she gave to everyone.

Dami gifts a saree which gopi ji gifted to her. Simar asked Reema how she is got this saree. Gitanjali Devi asked Dhami how she got this saree. Dhami said she is having a lot of things of her. Dhami said today is a good day let’s show it to everyone. She asked everyone to sit and played a clip of old photos of Gitanjali Devi. Suddenly Yamini’s photo came on the screen which shocked everyone. She asked her to close all this. Gajander scolded Dhami for this act

Dhami says this lady will be in her life till Simar stays in this house. Gitanjali Devi said there is no relationship between Simar and this lady. Yamini arrived there and said she will tell. Gitanjali Devi was shocked to see Yamini at her house. Before she could stop Yamini came inside the house. Yamini introduces herself as Yamini Oswal. Simar was shocked to hear this. Then she told everyone that Gopi Ji married her and she was his wife. Everyone looks on.  Yamini told Gitanjali Devi that on Ganpati puja day she made Simar her follower. Gitanjali Devi said that day she was with us. Yamini told her that along with Simar, Aarav was also there. Gitanjali Devi asked Simar if this is true. Simar was standing mute. Dhami told Yamini to reveal as she won’t say anything. Yamini says how much Aarav and Simar use to love her and call as Choti maa. Gitanjali Devi says now she just wants to her from Simar. Simar confesses that she is her Guru.

Dhami told Simar not to give further explanation. She told Gitanjaali Devi that first that lady snatched her husband and now she wants to snatch her son. Aarav asked Dhami to keep the mouth shut. He told Gitanjali Devi that he wasn’t aware of anything. Yamini says she did a lot of him and today he is saying this. Aarav said she used then for her own intentions. Aarav told Gitanjali Devi that Yamini manipulated us. Simar apologized and said we were kept in dark. Both of them sat on their knees and apologies to Gitanjali Devi.

Yamini was telling Simar that she had planned a lot for her. She asked her to come with her or else she will be like a puppet over here. Simar told her to leave her family alone. Yamini asks if she is asking her to leave. Simar says the way is from that side. Yamini angrily leaves from there. Dhami says Simar smartly plays everything. Simar says confessing the truth is not any mind game. Aarav and Simar apologies to Gitanjaali Devi

Gitanjali Devi says whom she believed more is the same person who had betrayed her. She told Simar that she didn’t excepted this from her. Simar pleads to hear her once but she left from there. Aarav go upstairs and grasped Dhami’s neck. Dhami says one day she will kill Simar or either she will die. Vivan came there and asked Aarav to go from here. Dhami say why he sent him from here as it was our romantic moment. Vivan said if had done this with her it means she had crossed her limits.

Simar went to her mom’s house and asked Samar to leave the house. Indu and Avinash also support Simar. Samar was trying to stop her but she slapped him. After he left Simar told them about the incident. She told them that today Gitanjaali Devi got hurt who is so close to her. Gitanjali Devi comes there and keeps her hand on Simar. She wipe out her tears and told her that she haven’t done anything. She told Simar that she never felt happy because of that pain and today she is free from that.

Reema saw Dhami imagining herself as the head of this family. Reema thought she will teach her a lesson soon. Dhami got a call and she informed that Simar had run away from the house. Reema was getting angry with her. Dhami was talking to a doctor. Reema was thinking about whom she is talking to.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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