Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 3 April 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw Reema go to Gitanjali Devi and give her thandai. At first, she was denying but then Reema insisted her to have it. Chitra tells Giriraj that Gajander and Sandhya are sitting intoxicated, this is the right time to attack. They were moving towards them with a poisonous sweet but Suddenly Gitanjaali came there. Chitra escaped from there along with Giriraaj. Gitanjaali applied colour to Giriraj. Gajander gave her a glass of thandai after which Gitanjaali got intoxicated.

Gitanjali Devi heard music and thought who played this in Oswal’s mansion. Simar dances over the music. Gitanjaali stopped her. Simar was a little scared. Suddenly Gitanjali rejoices along with Simar wishing her a happy Holi. Everyone in the Oswal mansion dances together. Samar also came there and kept an eye on Simar.

Aarav came to Simar and Gitanjali. He asks what they both are doing together. Simar told him no one should know that we are friends now. Aarav and Simar say we love each other very much. Aarav says he will also share one secret. Aarav says he has called Simar here not only for dad. Aarav says he can’t live without her. Gitanjali Devi says she also can’t live without them. They all had a hug.

After a while, Simar got her senses back and thought what all happened was true. Suddenly Samar came across Simar. She told him he shouldn’t come here. Samar said he wants his answer when she will start singing for his album. Simar says she hasn’t asked this to Aarav yet. Samar was telling him to understand that this album will change her life. Suddenly Aarav comes there. Everyone got their senses back. Gitanjali Devi asked Rajander what was going on? He acknowledged her that someone mixed cannabis in thandai. She told to stop the music and ask who dare to do this? Aditi was telling Gagan to come in front of her family if he hasn’t done anything. Gagan said he came but her family fired bullets at him. Aditi said if he is true then she will also support him. Suddenly Gajander came there and spotted them together.

Gitanjali Devi was wondering who brought cannabis in Oslwal’s house. She calls Simar as she was taking care of all the snacks. Suddenly she saw Gajander was missing from there. Aditi and Gagan brought Gajander to his room and laid down on the bed. Aditi tells Gagan to escape from here. Giriraj tells Aarav why he can’t see the truth. He tells Gitanjaali Devi to drag Simar out of the house. Aarav says this is not the truth so don’t jump to the conclusion. A security guard came and showed his phone to Gitanjali Devi. Then she gave it to Aarav. Aarav showed it to Simar and asked what Gagan was doing in Gajander’s room. Simar was confused.

Gitanjaali Devi cursing Simar. Reema says enough now she won’t hear anything against her family. She told Gitanjali Devi that we too have values given by our parents. And Simar came back for Gajander after happening so much drama. Reema says you are blaming this girl who did a lot for this house. She told Gitanjali Devi to ask yourself whether Simar can harm anyone. Reema says they don’t respect Naryan that’s why they don’t value her. Aarav tells Reema to lower her voice. Reema told him not to interrupt and blamed him for making Simar suffer every time.

Reema came to Simar and said she won’t go anywhere it’s her order. Simar says today she was a motivation for her and thank you for that. She tells Reema now it’s over. Reema said the truth is not yet out and this time she is with her. Vivan came there and apologies for not taking a stand for her. Simar says she can’t prove her again and again. Vivan says he believes her. Simar says believe me there is nothing left in this house and she has to go. Reema said it’s her right to stay here no one can drag her out. Reema said she is having an idea.

Gajander wakeup and saw a temple image on his left sidewall. He tries to remember what happened over there. Reema was doing the role of Gitanjali Devi. They were recreating the scene of what exactly happened at the temple. Suddenly Aarav came inside and ask what’s going on here.? Simar request him to give one last chance. Aarav says it’s not a joke. Simar pleads with him to cooperate for the last time. Aarav agrees with her.  Gajander recalls that Giriraaj was also there with a gun. Suddenly he fell down from his bed and got hurt on his head. Gitanjali Devi rushed into the room and saw Gajender was bleeding heaving. Aarav says not to worry he is here.

Rajender said what was the need of doing all this as he is previously very sensitive. He said if blood gets clotted then we can’t do anything. Gitanjaali Devi ask who’s plan was this? Simar says it was her plan. Gitanjali Devi cursed her for troubling her family. Gitanjali Devi held her hand and drag her out of the house. Vivan and Reema tells Gitanjaali Devi that it eas our plan. Gitanjali Devi said she won’t hear anything and it’s last warning stop taking Simar’s side. She told them that it’s the matter of her son and she won’t bear anyone. Aarav tells Simar that she shouldn’t do this as she is responsible of everything.

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