Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 14 July 2021 Shourya supports Anokhi

At the beginning of the episode, when Anokhi says that don’t want to change her surname, Shourya ask her what is the problem in that? Then Anokhi says that she can change the surname to Anokhi bhalla Sabarwal. Devi says that now you are married and every change her surname after her wedding. She ask her to change her ne to Anokhi Shourya Sabarwal. Anokhi says that her parents have given her this name and she can’t detach bhalla from her name. She says that she don’t have problem to add Sabarwal in her name.

Tej says that a girl should think about the respect of her family. Then Anokhi that if change her name then how will it affect the reputation of this family. Shourya says that why she is behaving like this as he is not asking her to do a different thing. It is used to happen with every girl. Then Devi tells her that when she became the daughter in law of this house she also had to change her name to Devi but Anokhi is fortunate that only her surname is going to be changed. Anokhi ask Devi that whether she felt good when her name got changed which is given by her parents?

Then Shourya ask Kanchan to explain Anokhi that it is not a big deal. Kanchan says that he should understand her because not every girl wants to change her surname and we should respect her decision. Alok ask her to shut up. Then Tej tells that he don’t have patience anymore mad ask Shourya to deal with her. Alok says that if these things are going to continue then one day he got divorced. Later, Anokhi ask Shourya that what will change when she changes her surname?

He says that she shouldn’t fight with him about this. He says that he loves her so much and always support her and if she add his name with her name then it is not a big deal. He says by this everyone get to know that she is his wife. Anokhi says that she is not his property, she is a living human being and she also love him so much. Then Shourya says that they will not discuss about it now because he needs some time to think.

Next day, when they went to college Anokhi ask him what did he think about that matter? Shourya ask her to go and attend her class and he will tell her later. Anokhi is about to go but she sees that a new lady professor comes and flirts with Shourya, Anokhi gets jealous. Then she ask him to stay away from that woman and ask him to tell her that he is married. Later, when Devi ask him about their decision, Shourya supports Anokhi and ask Devi to change her surname to Anokhi bhalla Sabarwal. Shourya tells Devi that they should understand her feelings and she is right.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Shourya and Anokhi again fight with eachother on some matter, and this time Shourya sleeps outside the room. Devi amd Alok sees him and says that one day Shourya will definitely let Anokhi out of this house.