Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 15 July 2021 Shourya and Anokhi fights again

At the beginning of the episode, Anokhi thanks Shourya for supporting her. She tells her that he always supports her and for that she is very thankful. Shourya says it’s ok and why she is getting so formal because he is her husband. Then Anokhi says that she needs one more favor from him. She tells him that he should talk politely to his family. She says to him that if he explains him nicely then they will also feel good. Shourya says he is like that only. Anokhi says that she don’t that because of her his relationship with his family gets disturbed.

Anokhi tells that there is a way to talk to them. Then she tells him that next time he will not speak in between her and badi maa. He says Ok. Devi overheard their conversation and intentionally point out Anokhi’s mistake and humiliate her. But this time Shourya didn’t say anything. Then in their room Anokhi ask him that doesn’t he supported her during the dinner. Then he reminds her that she asked him to not say anything between them. Anokhi says that she has asked him to not take her side but atleast he can say something about the situation.

Shourya says that he is not able to understand her and ask her to not involve him in everyday matters. Anokhi shouts at him and says that she don’t want to talk to him. Shourya loses his patience and says that he needs his space right now and goes to sleep outside the room. Anokhi tries to stop him but he didn’t stop. Devi and Alok sees him sleeping outside the room. Devi says that today his son is sleeping outside the room because of Anokhi and soon one day Anokhi will be out of this house because of the difference in their thinking.

Next day Shourya is still angry with Anokhi. And he is randomly shouting in the room. Then he is leaving for college and Anokhi tells him that she has some work in kitchen and after that they both will leave together but shourya says that he will go alone because he has some work. Anokhi is looking upset In the kitchen. Kanchan tells Anokhi that don’t let the distance come between her and Shourya because of the family members.

Then in the college during the lunch time she goes to Shourya and ask him to have lunch with her. She tells him that she don’t want to fight anymore. Shourya says that he don’t like this everyday drama and she is the one who always starts fighting. Anokhi says that she doesn’t do drama it’s just that she doesn’t tolerate wrong things and she is always like this, even before their marriage. Then Shourya says that he is going for some work and ask her to have lunch alone.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Anokhi’s friend stops her and tells her that Alok has tried to molest her. Anokhi is upset with this news. When Gayatri ask her what happened? She tells her that someone had tried to molest her friend. Gayatri ask her who has done this to her friend?