Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 19 July 2021 Anokhi shows the evidence

At the beginning of the episode, Anokhi refuses to stop the protest. she tells Shourya that she is the student of this college and also a girl, so she is going to support them. Later, when Anokhi goes to home, she sees Gayatri is so upset. She goes to her and talks to her. She tells her that if she wants to share her feelings or anything with her then she can. Then Devi interrupts her and says that she should be ashamed of herself as she is protesting against her own family.

She tells Anokhi that she will regret it so much. Anokhi says to her that she can’t stop helping her friend and tells her that she can give any punishment she wants to give her. Then Shourya tells her that she take care of everything for him but she never listens to him. Anokhi says that she overhears his conversation during the meeting. She tells her that the way he trust Alok chachu in same way she trust Priyanka. Shourya says that she can trust her but Alok chachu can’t do this. Anokhi tells him that they shouldn’t talk about this so that they can live peacefully together in this room.

Anokhi also says that if she is proved wrong then she don’t have any problem to apologise from Everyone and she will be more than happy. On the Other hand Ahir gets a eviction notice for giving shelter to Babli. Babli decided to leave this house for him, but Ahir convince her to stay. He tells her that he will talk to owner. Then he goes to the owner and tries to convince him but when he doesn’t get him, he tells him a lie that he is going to marry Babli and the owner gives him the permission to stay there.

Next day Anokhi is protesting. Alok tells her that his wife is not doing a right thing and she will regret it. Shourya shouts that why he always come to her. Then Tej stops him and says what kind of sabherwal he is who is not able to control his wife. Then Shourya goes to have a word with Anokhi in alone. But she refuses to talk to him in alone and ask him to say whatever he wants in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Bebo and kitty also protesting against Anokhi that she going against her family to be the head of student council.

Anokhi explain them that she is not doing this for that purpose. Then the media comes and puts allegations on Alok and are asking questions from Anokhi. Shourya gets angry and shouts at the media that they are doing the investigation until then they should leave from there. He also gets angry on Anokhi that why she is doing this and does she have any evidence against Alok. Then she shows him the recording which Priyanka have. Shourya is shocked after listening to this.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Shagun shows a application to the Shourya in which Priyanka writes that she doing all this because Anokhi has asked her to do so.